Louis Cole (of Knower)

Louis Cole is a Los Angeles based singer songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalists. Celebrated as one of the world's most future-sonic-funk drummers his mission is “to create deep feelings through music.” Cole has proudly been DIY to date, amassing millions of views with his viral videos ‘Weird Part of The Night’, ‘Bank Account’, ‘Blimp’ and ‘Thinking’.

Bank Account captured the attention of The Red Hot Chili Peppers who invited him on their world tour. Louis recalls being “none the wiser as to why I was there,” laughs Louis. “And then Anthony Kiedis comes up to me, looks right at me and says ‘Yeh I love that ‘Bank Account’ song. It’s super funky.’”

He is right of course - ’Bank Account’ is super funky and it was a game changer for Louis who also grew his following as the co-founder and producer of the alt pop/electro funk band KNOWER. Today, Louis Cole’s discography includes his three cornerstone albums from 2010-2012, and collaborations with KNOWER, Thundercat, Seal, Janet Jackson, and more.

This 2018, Cole releases his highly anticipated third album on Brainfeeder. “Time” is - a casual but addictive LP, with a blend of quickfire, hook-laden electro-funk bullets and wistful, soft-focus balladry - and it’s compelling. "A lot of it is little thoughts, that I made into big songs… blasts of inspiration that I was lucky enough to receive.”

Louis’s new album features his friend Thundercat (with whom he worked on “Drunk” co-writing ‘Bus In The Streets’ and ‘Jameel’s Space Ride’) who returns the favour, contributing lead vocals on ‘Tunnels In The Air’. KNOWER’s Genevieve Artadi, and acclaimed jazz pianist and experimental composer Brad Mehldau also pop up on ‘When You’re Ugly’ and ‘Real Life’ respectively. Furthermore, ‘Last Time You Went Away’ features a 23-piece string orchestra - the Rochester Stringz from Eastman School of Music.

“Time” is released on 10th August 2018 via Brainfeeder. Check the dates below to catch Louis Cole on tour performing solo and dates with his 18-piece brass band headlining Newport Jazz Festival on 4 August 2018.

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and learned how chords work from hearing my dad play Bach every morning for my whole childhood. I heard no pop music until around the age of 12 when I discovered “The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota” by Weird Al Yankovic, and everything changed.

It was obvious to me that my calling was to be the next Weird Al, so I started a parody band where I sequenced all the songs with midi and had my friends sing the new-and-improved lyrics. We recorded “Potty Trainer” to the tune of Smashmouth's “All Star” and “Boys in Sacks” to the tune of Will Smith's “Men in Black" among others. Also around this time I started making birthday songs for my parents - some hits including “Amy You’re Turning 49,” and “Charles, Charles Sherman." Recording these early works served as my introduction to audio production. I had already acquired some lyric writing knowledge by writing poems on holiday cards as a kid.

. . . .

As a teenager I discovered the radio and began actively listening to John Mayer, Ben Folds, Weezer, and other white boy pop. I wanted to quit piano, learn guitar, and become a pop star, but my parents made me stick with piano for one more year. Pretty soon I was getting jazz gigs so fell into the trap of deciding that I would exclusively be a jazz musician.

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