Club Fox Blues Jam

The Club Fox Blues Jam is heaven on earth for Bay Area blues fans. Through the efforts of a passionate group of local musicians, the hospitality of the Club Fox and local sponsorship, the jam has become the most exciting event in the area's fertile blues scene - and it's attracting both national and international attention. Most importantly, the jam is the catalyst for bringing out more and more blues fans to hear live blues at its spontaneous best.

Every Wednesday from 7 PM to 11 PM, the beautiful historic Club Fox opens its doors to the jam hosted by the elite of Bay Area Blues - Kenny Neal, Steve Freund, Elvin Bishop, Tommy Castro, Rick Estrin, The Ford Blues Band, Volker Strifler, Andy Just, E. C. Scott, Terry Hanck, Kenny Blue Ray, Sonny Rhodes, Daniel Castro, RJ Mischo and Mark Hummel just to mention a few. What follows is a jam like no other. For a mere $5.00 cover charge, folks get to experience some of the finest blues artists, national artists on tour, local luminaries and talented amateurs mixing it up. For the musicians, it's an opportunity to play the blues with peers of unbelievable talent. For the fans in the 240 seat capacity crowd, it's an amazing show every week with new talent and the unpredictable excitement that only a blues jam can bring.

If the music were not enough, appearances at the jam provide an unparalleled promotional opportunity for artists with upcoming area gigs. The buzz following the jam in the highly active local blues community often results in sold-out shows for participating artists. If you are a touring blues performer, drop in and you'll not only get a chance to "cut heads" with the best but also get the word out about your upcoming gig. If you are a member of the blues entertainment media, you'll experience a jam session like no other .

We invite you to come to jam and be a part of this phenomenal event, unequaled since the hay days of LA and Chicago blues.

Join us for the music and be a part of Bay Area blues history.

Big Harp George

Big Harp George/George Bisharat is a San Francisco Bay Area blues singer, songwriter, and harmonica player who features the chromatic harmonica. George was a criminal defense attorney, award-winning professor of law at UC Hastings College of the Law, and expert commentator on law and politics in the Middle East before turning to music full time.

George counts George "Harmonica" Smith, William Clarke, and Paul deLay as major influences on his chromatic playing. The chromatic (compared to the ten-hole diatonic more common to blues) has a distinctive voice, and lends Big Harp George's sound a jazzy, contemporary, and sophisticated feel. He was selected as one of fifteen "rising stars" by Living Blues Magazine in the August 2014 harmonica issue.

Big Harp George's 2014 debut release Chromaticism included Northern California blues standouts Little Charlie Baty, Kid Andersen, Rusty Zinn, Chris Burns, and others. It earned "Best New Artist" award nominations from the Blues Foundation and Blues Blast Magazine and high praise from blues music critics.

Of his soon to be released third album, Big Harp George comments: "Uptown Cool reflects, on the one hand, my growing addiction to playing with horns, which grace every track, and, on the other hand, my determination to say something about contemporary life using the blues idiom. While this is my music in every sense, it is equally the product of collaboration. Each song here bears the mark of the great musicians who contributed their creativity unstintingly to this project. The sessions were long and arduous: guitarists and bassists played until their fingers were numb; horn players till their lips ached; and more than one of us nodded off in the lulls between takes (and one of us during one!). But what kept us going through the fatigue was a growing excitement that, as the songs took shape, together we were achieving something special. Athletes are fond of saying 'we left it all on the field.' We left it all in the studio."


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