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Basic Printer

Basic Printer is an INDIETRONICA PROJECT based out of NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. It is the BRAIN CHILD of JESSE GILLENWALTERS and is brought to life with the help of AARON WALTERS, GABE MILLMAN and PETER FERGUSON.

Basic Printer is a foray of self-reflection into a hall of funhouse mirrors, utilizing everything from lush string arrangements to distorted synthesizers to color and present Gillenwalters' internal squabbles. Taking cues from modern pop, indie, and experimental music, Basic Printer reads as musically literate, eccentric, and carelessly joyous all at once.

New Indie-Pop artist, Jared Minnix, is blooming into his career with his Debut EP Virginia Rose. With his first single being the title track, Virginia Rose, Minnix starts this project strong with a heart-pounding single that takes listeners on an emotional journey.

With a structural pop format and R&B influences, Jared’s sound is a unique take on today's current pop music. Though Minnix thrives in pop music, he is a well-versed guitarist across all genres. The Virginia native moved to Nashville, TN in 2015 in pursuit of his passion. Jared spent his first few years on national Billboard tours as a lead guitarist, sharing the stage alongside country legends such as Lee Ann Womack and country radio sensation, Chase Rice.

Jared’s extensive professional background in multiple genres has led to a new take on his own artistry. With all energy focused on his Debut EP, he has been able to hone in on crafting his own sound.

Working amongst Grammy nominated producers and top-notch songwriters, Jared is extremely excited to share this incredibly personal project.

Hoping to give an authentic insight into heartbreak, Minnix wants to use the struggles and hardship he faced to encourage listeners to fight for love.

Jonathon Jircitano

Raised just outside Nashville, Jonathon came from a musical family and started playing in bands at an early age. After fronting an indie rock band for several years, he decided to pursue a solo career when inspiration sparked working with former Cage The Elephant member Lincoln Parish. From there, Jonathon spent the last few years living and writing in Los Angeles, honing a sound that he suggests is his most authentic, with influences from artists such as Imagine Dragons, Phantogram and Imogen Heap. Having recently moved back home to Nashville, Jonathon’s next debut will merge genres in alternative and pop, with hints of blues, electronic, and rock.

Kayla Mickelsen

Kayla Mickelsen is a young Indie-Pop artist who strives to blend a wide-range of influences to create a sound that is unique to her. With her personal and matter-of-fact lyric style, her songwriting is quirky yet catchy. Though she comes from a folk influence, she is combing jazz and folk influences to create a pop sound special to her along with her fragile voice, personal songs, and rocking band. Listen to her debut single, "Heavy" here https://open.spotify.com/track/42f4OeTjAeZq5X0JgYnzRv?si=BSnPxWO8Tfio9Y9qjCJDag




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