Tiphanie Doucet

Tiphanie Doucet got her start early on in the music and entertainment world. A starring role at 15 in the film Le bébé d’Elsa, and later in the Glee-like TV series Chante!, gave her popularity in her native France, and the unlikely foundations for what would be a very eclectic musical trajectory. After a brief stint in the country-esque outfit Milk, she branched out to form her own musical style and sensibility, nourished over the years by a wealth of musical influences. Artists like Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson and Feist, served as the pillars upon which her sound was modeled. Yet, despite these clearly delineated influences, her upcoming debut album "Under My Sun" is a testament to the uniqueness and originality of her voice.

After her career in TV came to a close, Doucet decided to gamble it all and make her way to America and start fresh, landing in sunny LA and, subsequently, the big apple. The 180 degree turn that her life took left her old life in shambles, bringing her plenty of heartbreak and homesickness, which would prove to be a wellspring of musical inspiration. This moment of transition afforded Doucet plenty of material to write her own songs, which she began testing out on street corners, cruises and cafés throughout New York and her newly adopted home in Hoboken, New Jersey. The overwhelmingly positive reception was such that she decided to release her own work.

While working on her single "Lucky Guy" Doucet caught the attention of producer and singer songwriter Simone Felice ( Lumineers, Bat for Lashes, Jade Bird), who also helped Doucet with her upcoming album, Under My Sun. Recorded up in Catskill Mountains, Under My Sun is a bittersweet meditation on love and relationships, echoing the chanteuses of yore that served as Doucet’s inspiration. The songs are in large part an autobiographical portrait of the artist, ranging stylistically from indie, folk and pop sensibilities. The sound is amplified by Felice and David Baron's production, which never feels intrusive, serving as the perfect complement to the singer’s overpowering voice, and interjecting only at key moments of emotional revelation. The single is due June 8th.



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