Blues Champions

Blues Champions


Bluesetta was handpicked by John Belushi to sing and dance with Jake and Elwood, but never got the chance. She left Hollywood brokenhearted, and swore to Never Sing The Blues Again. Bluesetta had her Blues Epiphany in 2006 and returned to entertain with original music, some Joliet Jake tunes and a stompin' band!

Alexander "Sasha" Liapin:

1998 - Taught a master guitar class at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) by personal invitation of Sir Paul McCartney.
1980-2000- Played with the two famous Russian rock-bands "DDT" and "Aquarium" in Russia, USA, Europe, Canada and England (with Anne Lennox, Dave Stewart, Mick Taylor, Djavan Gasparian). 1990 - Performed at China Club (LA) with Keith Emerson (ELP) and Stevie Wonder. 1986-1988 – Performed with Aquarium at the “IPPNW” congresses in Moscow and Montreal with Crosby, Stills & Nash.

More details about Sasha and his musical career can be found at

Sasha and Bluesetta found each other through the magic of the Internet and discovered they are from the same planet and formed The Blues Champions and Same Planet Productions. (ASCAP)



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