Reggies is proud to announce Progtoberfest IV on October 19-21, 2018 with over 30 bands playing this year’s festival. The 2018 headliners include An Evening with Neal Morse, Soft Machine, FM (performing “Black Noise” in its entirety + hits), Dinosaur Exhibit feat. Jerry Goodman (Playing Music of Chicago bands The Flock, Aura & The Mauds), Soften The Glare feat. Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne) & Bon Lozaga (GONG), Mobius Strip, ABACAB: The Music of Genesis (50th Anniversary of Genesis Show), and many, many more!

Aaron Clift Experiment

The Aaron Clift Experiment is a dynamic progressive rock band based in Austin, Texas. The group's multi-faceted sound is an innovative blend of classic rock, modern rock, and classical all anchored by the band's dedication to high-quality songwriting and musicianship.

ABACAB: The Music of Genesis

Formed in July 2015 by five well-seasoned musicians in the Charlotte NC metro area, ABACAB is comprised of vocalist/multi instrumentalist Pete Lents, bassist/rhythm guitarist Cliff Stankiewicz, keyboardist Patrick Raymaker, lead guitarist/bassist Ryan Richard and drummer Matthew Hedrick. We came together with a common goal...Pay loving tribute to one of the most iconic bands of the 20th century, and bring their music back to the stage where it belongs... From progressive rock pioneers of the 70's, to pop stadium rock icons of the 80's, to the multi platinum solo careers...This is the music of GENESIS.

Ad Astra

New York based guitarist Joe Nardulli's self-titled debut CD inspired and intrigued a bunch of local progressive rock musos. After jamming with a few, Joe finally found the right people and put a band together. David Penna on drums, J. Levine on bass and Eric Davis on keys brought Joe's solo material to life. Harold Skeete and Tony Savasta are now filling the rhythm section duties. Now as a band, AD ASTRA (Latin for "To the stars" - inspired by the title of the closing track of Joe's self-titled debut CD) has taken the compositional process to another level and have completed a full band recording! With tone and melodic sensibilities reminiscent of Steve Morse and Eric Johnson, the focus is on compositions that are tightly structured, eschewing the bombast and length that progressive rock is known for. Smooth, thematic playing styles blend perfectly with soaring, uplifting melodies. Combined with odd and shifting time signatures, you have songs that always keep your interest and never sound monotonous.

Alpha Lighting System

ALPHA LIGHTING SYSTEM was formed in Mexico City in 2013. The band members are Alam HERNÁNDEZ, lead vocals, drums and keyboards, Jaco JÁCOME, bass and backing vocals, and Joshua San MARTIN, guitar and backing vocals. Their debut album, Walking On An Eartlike Planet, produced by Billy SHERWOOD (YES, WORLD TRADE), released in 2015, showcases the group's unique blend of space rock, jazz fusion, and classic prog sounds.

Axon-Neuron was initially formed in 2011 by Jeremey Poparad as an excuse to play some music one last time with some friends who were moving away from Ohio. In the course of four months, an entire full length album was written, rehearsed, and recorded and a few live shows were put on in Akron. The result was so enjoyable, that Axon-Neuron "2.0" was assembled to continue performing, writing, and recording after the original lineup departed.
Our first album, "Brain Songs," was released in May 2011, with our second album, "Dreamstate," following in June 2012. They are both available on CDBaby and iTunes, as well as other digital music services, and at live shows.

Bubblemath. Kings of delight.

In 2002, we started jamming and cultivating music. We have gone by other band names in the past, some of you may remember us as Life Dos, What Once Was, or A Venue X. We have evolved and our transformation is now what we call Coyote Man! A Chicago instrumental band with some progressive flair.

The Cyberiam is a new progressive rock / metal band from Chicago that boasts some of the top musicians in the city coming together to create history with Keith Semple on guitar and Vocals, Brian Kovacs on Bass Guitar and vocals, Tommy Murray on drums and percussion and Frank Lucas on keyboards.

The Devil's Staircase

Want to hear what Fractal Geometry, Chaos and Non-linear physics sound like when the mathematics becomes music? Climb the Devil's Staircase...Made up of Ramsés Luna (Saxophone, Midi Wind, Electronics)
Tim McCaskey (Electric and Acoustic Guitars)
Luis Nasser (Bass, Pedals, Holophonics)
Mattias Olsson (Drums, Percussion, Loops)

Dinosaur Exhibit featuring Jerry Goodman

Dinosaur Exhibit is the brain child of former members of several historic Chicago based Rock bands: The Flock, The Mauds and Aura. These bands exploded onto the music scene during the 60's and played through the 70's and are noted for being an integral part of the birth of American Rock Music! These bands through their creativity and various successes have influenced many generations of musicians to follow in their footsteps!

The Flock were well known for such hits as "Clown" and other cult classics recorded over 3 albums, and headlining around the world. The Mauds produced top hits including "Hold On", "Knock On Wood" and "Soul Drippin" and were a charting Phenomenon in Japan!

Aura were a more obscure band, that included original members from Four Days and a Night, and not unlike The Mauds and The Flock were signed to Mercury Records and had and have developed a huge following. Dinosaur Exhibit is not a tribute band, but the original musicians playing the music that they created and the music that we have all come to know and love, Live and in person!

*Featured guest legendary violinist Jerry Goodman is recognized as the world's finest Electric Violinist who was a member of The Flock, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jan Hammer Group and The Dixie Dregs and has appeared on countless recordings including: Hall &Oats, Styx and Toots Thieleman.

The literal definition of Escaper is "one who escapes confinement". Founded in 2016, the Brooklyn based Post-Rock/Space-Funk Fusion quintet strive for a sound without limits.

**Just named one of "5 Bands You Need to Know" in a feature of Relix Magazine (October 2017 edition).**

The band released their first album with Ropeadope Records in May 2017 to critical acclaim including being named one of three "Release Day Picks" by JamBase. Live for Live Music said, “Their sound is a reckoning force of funky fusion music...there’s no telling how high this band can climb."

The band released their 2nd album in February 2018. As with the first album, it was recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, with all five band members playing together simultaneously, while in isolated rooms. Recording this way helped capture the great live synergy between the players which you can witness during their performances. Their live sets tend to be open with many in-the-moment improvisational aspects, and this essence was not lost during the studio recordings. Bandleader and guitarist, Will Hanza, expresses, “The term ‘jam’ can be a loaded one, but the idea of having some concrete ideas, while still allowing the music to be open to take advantage of the moment is really important to us.”

Farmhouse Odyssey was formed by five college students in a small farmhouse in the fall of 2012 in Arcata, California. Embracing an improvisational writing style and inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the band quickly developed an organic and undeniably original sound. Songs flow freely between moods and styles influenced by progressive rock, psychedelia, jazz, funk, and world music, while always retaining the distinct musical personality of the group.

Fischer's Flicker

Fischer’s Flicker is the musical brainchild of songwriter, musician and native Chicagoan, Scott Fischer. Fischer has been writing and performing music since his teenage years, and not just any music- inside Fischer’s brain lurks a colorfully symphonic amusement park. Attractions include full albums filled with satirical and humorous lyrics, rock operas, rich musical tapestries and metaphorical trips down the memory lane of a mad scientist composer. A thrilling ride as both spectator and participant, Fischer’s Flicker’s music inspires with big melodies and ambitious composition, taking you on a wildly impassioned journey. With seven studio albums under his belt, hundreds of live shows and a stretch of corporate cover band gigs which included a five-week Virgin Islands residency, a few large profile shows at “Summerfest” and the “Vince Lombardi Awards”, Fischer never stops pushing boundaries with his ambition and talent. Additionally, Fischer delivered a stellar performance in “The Rod Stewart Experience” with Carmine Appice and an all-star cast of other Stewart alumni, as well as maintaining a recurrent part of the roundtable on “The official Frank Zappa podcast: Zappacast”.

FM is a Canadian progressive rock music group formed in 1976 in Toronto. The band existed from 1976 to 1996, with a brief return in 2006, although they had a period of inactivity between 1989 and 1994. Their music has been categorized as space rock, and lyrics are dominated by science fiction themes. In November 2011, Cameron Hawkins reformed the band with two new players.

French TV

French TV is a Louisville, Kentucky - based progressive band that has been in existence since 1983.

The Gabriel Construct

The Gabriel Construct is the rock solo project of Gabriel Lucas Riccio, a vocalist, composer and performer from Salisbury, MD. His debut album, ‘Interior City’, is a dark and atmospheric concept album featuring Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour, ex-Periphery, Of Legends) on drums, Thomas Murphy (ex-Periphery) on bass, David Stivelman (ex-Debbie Does Dallas) on guitar, Soren Larson on saxophone, and frequent collaborator Sophia Uddin on violin. The album unites players from rock, metal, classical, and jazz backgrounds to create a sound which incorporates influences from a wide variety of genres, including progressive rock, 20th century classical music, extreme metal, drum-n-bass, jazz, ’90s grunge and space rock, ’80s pop and more. The album’s densely layered vocal harmonies, distorted pianos, dissonant chords, and complex rhythms envelop the listener in a hallucinatory wall of sound.

Gramps the Vamp

Arising from a sweat-drenched Halloween house party debut in 2011, Gramps The Vamp has become equally known for it’s “tight-as-a-rope funk” [My Spilt Milk] as for its dedication to break the funk mold and carve out its own genre. In 2014, a year after being named Best New Band by Chicago Reader on the merits of its demos and live shows, Gramps The Vamp released its self titled debut LP produced Sergio Rios (Orgone, Killion Sound). The album’s vintage-noir style, which the band half-jokingly calls “Doom Funk,” drew the interest of filmmaker Alaric S. Rocha, who used over half of the songs as the soundtrack for his 70s inspired horror film “Demonoid (1971)”. In 2016 the band released its sophomore effort, “The Cave of 10,000 Eyes”, which brings together afrobeat, deep funk, ethiopian-jazz, and spooky soul for a further exploration into the dark, wild, and strange side of the funk.

Inner Ear Brigade

Inner Ear Brigade (IEB) is an ensemble of musicians based in the San Francisco Bay Area who play a unique mix of progressive rock, jazz, and experimental pop, all delivered through their originally detailed compositions and arrangements. They recently released their 2nd full length album “Dromology”. The music is “fun, happy, accessible, and proggy.” Steeped with a vintage analog sensibility, effects processing, and synthesizers, IEB crafts their sounds from “ RIO elements (Rock In Opposition), Canterbury (Sound), and Zappa”. IEB is Bill Wolter (guitar and compositions), Ivor Holloway (sax), Andrew Jamieson (keyboards), Stephen Wright (bass), Alison Niedbalski (vocals, synths) and Christopher Lauf (drums).

Jeavestone was formed in 1999 by a group of young hopefuls in Western Finland. They developed their style from a more direct approach towards what the band themselves call "prog'n'roll"

The Knells are an art rock ensemble from Brooklyn, NY. Drawing inspiration from over 1000 years of western classical music and deftly fusing it with the worlds of progressive, psychedelic, and experimental rock, their music “is a must for those seeking untamed new musical hybrids” (The Daily Beast). The New York Times writes, "[The Knells'] lyrics ponder cosmic conditions and cycles — time, space, dissolution, regeneration — and they are sung by three women, often in cascading counterpoint that can invoke Renaissance polyphony or Minimalism. The songs… sweep ahead, through passages of tolling solo electric guitar, of elegiac vocal melodies and harmonies, of note-bending quasi-Indian strings and guitar, of progressive-rock processionals.”

Little Atlas

Little Atlas has really carved out its own unique sound amid the current progressive rock landscape, creating compositions that range from haunting and dark, to frolicking and frenetic. Little Atlas is a work in progress - an ever-changing sound reflecting the mood and will of its creators. Their music has been described as "Music for Musicians" (Miami Herald) and as "Esoteric, yet familiar, complex yet catchy, a thoroughly unique sound and approach to song crafting" (Florida Jam Magazine)."

Lovely Little Girls

Lovely Little Girls is an avant-rock band led by artist Gregory Jacobsen and bassist Alex Perkolup. Using Jacobsen's grotesque paintings as a basis, they write theatrical suites that morph from of-kilter dance anthems to punishing and ridiculous prog. Influenced by artists such as Fred Frith, Magma, The Residents and Captain Beefheart, Lovely Little Girls moves between No-Wave, Rock-in-Opposition prog, metal and free jazz. Initial simple musical motifs quickly deform into charges of odd harmony and tangled polyrhythms; yet it is grounded in a love for catchy melodies. Jacobsen's syllable-stuffed cut-and-paste prose adds to the absurdity with lyrics about over-ripe food, incompetent sex and undignified death.

Mobius Strip

Möbius Strip is an instrumental band formed in Sora (Italy) in 2014 and made of: Lorenzo Cellupica (25) on keyboards, Nico Fabrizi (27) on sax and flute, Eros Capoccitti (24) on bass and Davide Rufo (26) on drums. Möbius Strip was born with the intention of exploring and mixing different musical styles, in particular the sound and the improvisations of jazz with the structures of prog, without disregarding the insertion of strong melodies and searching for its own identity anyway.

The journey of Neal Morse has seen three decades of musical accomplishments, the latest being the inception of THE NEAL MORSE BAND. The Los Angeles born Prog-Rocker Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Flying Colors, and Transatlantic) has forged many relationships over the years. The most compelling and fruitful efforts have been those with Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, The Winery Dogs, Twisted Sister, Transatlantic, Flying Colors, and more).

Together the pair has launched four bands. But the band that has endured the longest and thus with the most musical output has been THE NEAL MORSE BAND. Over the years, Neal along with Mike Portnoy and Randy George always assembled musicians as needed to support Neal’s solo music. In 2012, Neal with longtime bassist Randy George held auditions to find the musicians needed to fill out the band as a permanent lineup that would write music collectively. Bill Hubauer (keyboards, vocals) and Eric Gillette (guitar, vocals) joined the band after three days of auditions. They went on to release THE GRAND EXPERIMENT in 2014 followed by the ALIVE AGAIN live DVD/2 CD package in 2015.

Together, the five members are now embarking on THE SIMILITUDE OF A DREAM. This will be the eighth studio album with Morse, Portnoy and George, but the second as a true collaboration with this lineup. Neal's most recent album is Life & Times.

No More Pain

No More Pain is a four piece band from central New Jersey. They are concentrated as a true progressive rock arrangement with a grungy epicenter. The current lineup of the band consists of Michael Roman (Guitar/Vocals), Dan Rainone (Drums/Vocals), Matt McDermott (Keyboards/Vocals), and John Moroney (Bass). No More Pain employs virtuosic musicianship with songwriting to match. Their music can best be described as a mellow soundscape, followed by a direct kick to the face, and are still to this day: "The only band preferred by both God and Satan." No More Pain stands on the thin line between rock and progressive, where hard hitting riffs and emotive vocals combine with complex harmony, rhythm, and thought provoking lyrics.

Original music, including some uniquely spun Trad Jewish music in a neo-psychedelic, world-influenced rock and acoustic-rock environment. Snippets here and there of of MidEast/modal textures. From electric violin, bass, sax, passionate vocals and outrageous drums to some seriously fly guitar. Extremely different, infectious songs.
Ovadya has been playing before diverse audiences for over ten years—from opening for Eric Burdon & the Animals to Piamenta (the "Israeli Jimi Hendrix") & benefits, to clubs to live radio, from festivals to synagogues to benefits to intimate coffee houses. Their music has been featured on radio nationally and locally (WXRT, WNUR, WBEZ, WNUR, WLUP and many more), charting in CMJ and grabbing major (Polygram) label interest and indie lable offers. Press on Ovadya and its music includes Chicago Sun Times affiliates, Chicago Tribune, Illinois Entertainer and many other newspapers / periodicals.

School Of Rock

For more than a decade, School of Rock has been inspiring kids to rock on stage and in life. Through its performance-based approach to music lessons, School of Rock students are inspired to learn, more motivated to excel and more confident as a result. To date, School of Rock students have played thousands of concerts to more than 100,000 people at such legendary venues such as CBGB’s, The Trocadero, The Knitting Factory, The Whiskey, The Roxy, The Experience Music Project, as well as major music festivals like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits.

Screaming Headless Torsos

Screaming Headless Torsos is the genre-bending jazz-funk-rock band founded by guitar virtuoso, professor, and Guggenheim Fellow, David Fiuczynski. Listeners will find the "twelve-tone beats and atonal heat" break-neck grooves, soul shrieking, and middle eastern micro-tonal guitar melodies all seasoning the band's signature rock recipe.

Though the debut album in 1995 (Warner Discovery) was supposed to filed in the rock-pop category, the band's rock abandon and creativity with just the right amount of improvisation won fans and critics in both the rock and jazz camps. The Torsos were chosen by Musician Magazine as one of the top bands of 1996, described as "brilliantly blending jazz know-how with a love for heavy riffs." Guitar Player wrote that [Torsos] "combines a hip handle on high culture with wicked knack for the raw groove." Shortly after the release of debut album, SHT went on to tour Japan, the Americas, and Europe, and released a live album recorded in Japan in 1996.

The Torsos took a hiatus in the late ’90s fueled by creative and personal differences and in 2004, a new Torsos was beginning to form. Fronted by new lead singer Freedom Bremner — fresh from his collaboration with symphonica artist/producer Moby — the Torsos began to tour Europe and Latin America. A new studio album was released, "Torsos 2005", (which featured original vocalist Dean Bowman and 2 tracks with Bremner), a hits compilation called "Choice Cuts" (2006), and a live DVD recorded at the New Morning Club in Paris and the Knitting Factory in New York City. The resurgence was followed by European and Latin American tours.

The Torsos raised the bar very early in its career and released more quality than quantity. It earned the band that elusive international cult status, with fans posting YouTube tribute performances and blogging about when the next release would come and what it would sound like.

In 2010, the band released "Dead Christmas Trees", its first video single with Bremner. Produced by New York producer Gregg Fine, the band was back with a vengeance. With this energy fueling more music, the band released the new album "Code Red" in 2014. This was album filled with "firsts." Code Red was the first full album in 9 years, the first to feature Freedom Bremner on vocals , the first to feature new member David Ginyard on bass, the first to employ two drummers veteran Torsos Gene Lake and Skoota Warner and the first to feature guest artists. Code Red was co-produced by The Torsos, Gregg Fine and legendary Bad Brains producer and multiple grammy winner Ron St. Germain. The Torsos band members have said that "Code Red" is driven more by songs than "chops", with inspiration spanning drum and bass, electronica, rock, hip-hop, and Middle-Eastern jazz.

Code Red also features appearances by the late Bernie Worrell on keyboards (Parliament/Funkadelic), James Valentine guitar (Maroon 5) and Casey Benjamin (keys) Robert Glasper Trio.

The band line-up features, David Fiuczynski on guitar, Freedom Bremner on vocals, Daniel Sadownick on percussion, David Ginyard on bass and James "Biscuit" Rouse on drums and vocals.

Soft Machine

Soft Machine were an English rock band from Canterbury, named after the book The Soft Machine by William S. Burroughs. They were one of the central bands in the Canterbury scene, and helped pioneer the progressive rock genre. Soft Machine (billed as The Soft Machine up to 1969) were formed in mid-1966 by Robert Wyatt (drums, vocals), Kevin Ayers (bass, guitar, vocals), Daevid Allen (guitar) and Mike Ratledge (organ) plus, for the first few gigs only, American guitarist Larry Nowlin. Allen, Wyatt and future bassist Hugh Hopper had first played together in the Daevid Allen Trio in 1963, occasionally accompanied by Ratledge. Wyatt, Ayers and Hopper had been founding members of the Wilde Flowers, later incarnations of which would include future members of another Canterbury band, Caravan.

In 2002, four former Soft Machine members - Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, John Marshall and Allan Holdsworth - toured and recorded under the name Soft Works (initially called Soft Ware, debuting at the 2002 Progman Cometh Festival).

From late 2004 onwards, with John Etheridge replacing Holdsworth, they toured and recorded as Soft Machine Legacy. They released three albums: Live in Zaandam (2005), the studio album Soft Machine Legacy (2006) and Live at the New Morning (2006). Although Elton Dean died in February 2006, the band has continued with British saxophonist and flautist Theo Travis (formerly of Gong and The Tangent).

In December 2006, the new line-up recorded the album Steam in Jon Hiseman's studio, released by Moonjune Records in August 2007 before a European tour in autumn. In 2008 Hopper was sidelined by leukemia and the band continued live performances with Fred Baker. Following Hopper's death in 2009, the band announced that it would continue with Babbington once again stepping into the role formerly held by Hopper.

Soften The Glare

Soften the Glare is what happens when different worlds collide. Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne), Bon Lozaga (Gongzilla, Tiny Boxes) & Mitch Hull unleash an amalgamation of captivating sounds. When Lozaga, Hull & Martinie first met in LA and started talking about getting together to create some music, they didn't know what to expect. Now, as Soften The Glare, their music is constantly evolving, bringing in elements from all of their worlds. Currently their music is headed in a jazz/rock fusion direction with elements of metal, funk, prog and chaos.

The Source banner was dropped when an English pop/dance combo carrying the same name threatened action. It was later changed to "The Source Experience".

Strange Changes

Strange Changes is an eclectic nine piece rock band comprised of musicians from the Boston music scene. Residing in Allston, they mix elements of American popular music with classical, jazz, metal, and more, in the tradition of the great American pop composers Frank Zappa and Charles Mingus.


Between 2004 and 2006, Tempano continued to gain international acclaim through their work on several compositions for international musical projects, The Odyssey, The 7 Samurai and Hell, all produced by Musea (France) and Colossus (Finland).

In 2008 Tempano offered the public a free download of there newly completed album Selective Memory. This work included a combination of re-mastered tracks recorded for Musea Records and Colossus, along with new compositions and arrangements that had not appeared in any of there previous work.

Throughout these years Tempano’s record sales were also correlated with increasing exposure at national and international music festivals where Tempano served as the opening act for such greats as Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Yes, Kansas, Steve Hacket (Genesis) and many others.

And then, in December 2014 Tempano met in Miami and headed back to the studio where Pedro Castillo, Miguel Angel Echevarreneta, Giuglio Cesare Della Noce and Gerardo Ubieda began recording there newest work, Nowhere Now Here. The album has already been completed and has a release date set for the end of 2016. For the first time since the days of Atabal Yemal, the quartet will release their work on vinyl.

Between 2004 and 2006, Tempano continued to gain international acclaim through their work on several compositions for international musical projects, The Odyssey, The 7 Samurai and Hell, all produced by Musea (France) and Colossus (Finland).

In 2008 Tempano offered the public a free download of there newly completed album Selective Memory. This work included a combination of re-mastered tracks recorded for Musea Records and Colossus, along with new compositions and arrangements that had not appeared in any of there previous work.

Throughout these years Tempano’s record sales were also correlated with increasing exposure at national and international music festivals where Tempano served as the opening act for such greats as Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Yes, Kansas, Steve Hacket (Genesis) and many others.

And then, in December 2014 Tempano met in Miami and headed back to the studio where Pedro Castillo, Miguel Angel Echevarreneta, Giuglio Cesare Della Noce and Gerardo Ubieda began recording there newest work, Nowhere Now Here. The album has already been completed and has a release date set for the end of 2016. For the first time since the days of Atabal Yemal, the quartet will release their work on vinyl.

The Twenty Committee

Initially assembled in 2012, The Twenty Committee are a young band from New Jersey with a modern, melodic sound -- a unique blend of musical theatre and classic prog. Comprised of Geoffrey Langley (keys, lead vocals), Stephen Kostas (lead guitar), Justin Carlton (guitars, keys, vocals), Joe Henderson (drums, vocals) and Richmond Carlton (bass, harp), the band released their debut album, "A Lifeblood Psalm," in April of 2013. Recorded in the space of two weeks at Neal Morse's Radiant Studios, and produced by Jerry Guidroz (Neal Morse, Transatlantic), "Psalm" has continued to receive significant critical acclaim since its initial debut. The Twenty Committee have done shows in the greater Philadelphia area, including a bill for the NJProghouse, and have been featured in numerous podcasts and online radio stations.

The Ultimate Queen Celebration featuring Marc Martel

Long before his YouTube videos went viral, spawning an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and a performance with the surviving members of Queen on “American Idol,” Marc Martel spent 13 years recording and touring the globe with Canadian rockers Downhere. Not only did the rock band visit all 50 American States, but also toured throughout Europe and even Northern Africa, collecting worldwide acclaim and four Juno Awards in their native land.
After paying their dues for more than a decade in a fifteen passenger van and finally graduating to a full-fledged bus, the group wrote what they believed was the very peak of its artistry and expression, but despite the private support of radio programmers, the public never latched onto to what turned out to be Downhere’s swansong effort. Yet right around the time when that writing popped up on the wall, Martel received an email from an industry pal with a link to a contest spearheaded by the actual members of Queen.
At first, the front man almost passed on the opportunity, but with some prodding from his wife and additional friends, he casually cut a version of “Somebody To Love” in 2011, and now 30 million cumulative YouTube and Facebook views later, bolstered by the aforementioned “Ellen” appearance, Martel was declared the victor. Even legendary Queen drummer Roger Taylor remarked to the Daily Record: “That voice. You listen, close your eyes and you think it’s Freddie. It’s really uncanny.” For the last 6 years and over 160+ shows Marc has fronted Queen’s official tribute show, The Queen Extravaganza.
Fast forward to 2017, and Martel has forged for himself a unique and diverse career. He started his own Queen tribute show called The Ultimate Queen Celebration, which tours all over the world, including an upcoming Australia/New Zealand run in 2018. But Marc does not only lend his voice to rock and roll crowds, but also recently to symphony halls as he fronts Symphonic Queen with the Philharmonic Orchestra of México (OFUNAM) in Mexico City.
But even with the overwhelming demand behind Martel’s Queen-themed projects, he’s cultivated an increasingly visible solo career defined by a relentless creativity, unpredictably and practically super human abilities to simultaneously craft his own identity while flawlessly stepping into the shoes of others. In terms of his individuality, the cheekily-titled “Impersonator” (released in 2014) is an under-the-radar modern rock masterpiece produced by John Fields (also known for his work with Pink, Goo Goo Dolls, Miley Cyrus, Backstreet Boys and Switchfoot on its blockbuster “The Beautiful Letdown”) that unexpectedly spawned “Dead Ringer” as the entrance song for veteran comedian Carrot Top in Las Vegas. In 2016, he continued a Downhere tradition by releasing the EP The Silent Night which brought him back onto the Christian radio charts with his Billboard AC Monitored Top 10 single, “What Child Is This?” featuring Ron Block of Alison Krauss and Union Station.
This Christmas Marc embarks on the 2017 K-Love Christmas Tour alongside Steven Curtis Chapman, Plumb, and We Are Messengers which covers 19 cities in 24 days. He has also gone back to Christian radio with his new version of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas” featuring Plumb, which is the debut single from his upcoming EP, The First Noel, releasing in late November.
Then there’s a forthcoming covers collection, My Way Vol. 1, (coming Spring 2018) that fans have been demanding, on which Martel plans to tackle classic songs that require a massive voice, all tied together by a theme of sharing personal significance to his musical upbringing. In the meantime, he’s made additional waves performing at the direct request of Céline Dion (who avidly follows his videos) on Radio-Canada TV’s “En direct de l’Universe” in 2016, plus a jaw-dropping cover of George Michael and Wham!’s “Last Christmas” for the video game “Just Dance 2017” and Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” on “Just Dance 2018″. Add in performances on, ten nights at the Calgary Stampede, plus various San Francisco Giants, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers and Charlotte Hornets games, and there’s truly no limit to Martel’s unreal reach.
“I grew up believing a lie that I had to have one sound as a singer, but after I put that false belief aside, I realized I can have as many sides as I want,” sums up Martel. “I’m having the best time of my life as a professional musician right now where I’m involved with so many different things it’s impossible to get bored. Between anything Queen-related, my own recordings and these fun little side projects, I’m more diverse and happier as an artist than I’ve ever been!”

Valdez is a four piece art-rock band from Philadelphia, USA comprising of singer/guitarist Simon Godfrey, bassist Tom Hyatt, keyboard player Joe Cardillo and drummer Scott Miller. The band released their debut album entitled 'This' in the spring of April 2017 and plan to return to the studio to record their follow up record in early 2018.

Westward, the band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Founders of Cowboy Space Rock. Born from the minds of Andrew Marshall, Matt Morrison and Karl Grimm.

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