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"Human Nature" marks the debut for Garth. as a solo artist. Previously introduced to the music industry as the frontman for NYC-based Indie-Soul outfit The Rooks, Garth. is excited to explore and share new sounds.

The Jordyn Show

THE JORDYN SHOW (AKA Jordyn Kramer) born 6/15/92, grew up in the working class Irish neighborhood of

Fishtown, Philadelphia. From the time my brain began to fire its signals I knew I was destined to become a

very famous performer. I would spend all my time alone dreaming, creating and singing. The only way I ever

knew how to fit in with the other kids was by entertaining them. You can say I've been a performer forever! I

was nerdy, infested with Crohn's disease (I was diagnosed at 11) and not at all like anybody else. The

product of a young single mother who was a working model and lover of weird tunes and hot guys; I was into

music, art, sex and fashion since I was a fetus. A lifetime of diving into these fields shaved head first has

turned me into a powerful multi-talented force with an ambition that burns like a million flames. I have been

managing and representing myself for almost two years. I have been free of alcohol and a dedicated vegan

for two years. I am a Theatre School Dropout Extraordinnaire, and I have more crazy stories than I could

ever fit into one PDF. You'll just have to hear me sing.

My mission as a performer and artist is BIG PICTURE. I want to change the state of music the

whole whirled over and lift up the collective universal consciousness with what I do. I want to give people the

safe space and best friend that music has always given me. I want to bring the danger back into music. I

want my shows to be transcendental orgasms that lift my audience for the rest of their lives. I intend to tour

the entire globe and maybe even outer space before my mission is complete.

I will not stop until I have made my lifelong dreams come true!



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