Stephanie Carlin

Stephanie Carlin

“We have forgotten our power. And there’s nothing more important to me than people getting how powerful they are,” shares Stephanie Carlin. The musical sage presides over a multi-dimensional platform as a speaker and singer-songwriter, kids record label founder, and life coach for artists. She’s on a mission to empower people to shed self-doubt and discover their truth. And she happens to be an expert at it.

“After a half dozen years of being told how to run my music career by a bunch of men who I thought were smarter and better than me, I’m shedding it all - my management team, my self-doubt, and my resentment towards the patriarchal and myopic music industry machine. I’m reclaiming my voice, my art and myself.” Stephanie is championing her message with a bold new album titled “Reclamation.” The album is a stylistic mosaic infusing rock-n-roll, folk-jazz, and neo-soul.

“Reclamation” fearlessly mixes ancient Sanskrit mantras with Stephanie’s rebellious nature that defies the typical new-age genres. “I am asking the questions ‘what does it take to be happy and truly free?,’” she says. The 4-song album boasts an in-the-moment electricity seldom experienced with devotional music. The track “Lokah Samastah” simmers with touches of Afro-beat, chiming guitars, dreamy harmony vocals, and slow-burn soulful vocals. Here, set against traditional texts, Stephanie challenges what it takes to be an enlightened spirit. Her rendition of “Hare Krishna” is like no other. Stephanie brings the other worldly composition to street level with brawny rock guitars, and surging and passionate singing. Other tracks favor ambitious arrangements with mesmerizing ethereal touches, sweetly soulful vocals, and forays into majestic rock epic territory.

Stephanie’s vocals are richly dynamic, spanning woozy sensuality to soaring emotionality. Lyrically, Stephanie is unafraid to make traditional texts resonant in today’s world with her own insights and commentary. “I hear all these yogis and gurus and spiritual teachers saying, ‘Just be free! Just take a deep breath and let the day go, RIGHT NOW!’ What does that even mean?” She continues, “I’m really looking at our triggers, our resignation, our cynicism, to actually release what stops us from being free. That’s what I write about. The scary work of looking, acknowledging, and if we have the courage, transforming it all.”



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