The Lovely Bad Things, The Vacant Lots, Cosmonauts & DjwwJdj (of The Growlers)

The Lovely Bad Things

If the Pixies and the Black Lips got drunk at a party and then had a relationship that spawned a musical child it just might sound like The Lovely Bad Things. Anchored in heavy bass, thick drum lines and post punk guitar strains, their music not only provides fuel for mosh-pits but implants catchy garage rock melodies in your brain.

The Vacant Lots

Mexican Summer artists The Vacant Lots released their first 7" single 'Confusion / Cadillac' in 2011.
Pitchfork commented on 'Confusion', "It's executed so efficiently, with just the right doses of studied apathy and simmering tension, that it's difficult not to return to it's ceaselessly repetitive groove again and again."
Mexican Summer describes them as "musicians as well as scientists, having built a time machine that will transport your headspace directly to the Sunset Strip in 1967."

The duo takes as much inspiration from Bo Diddley and The Stooges as it does from Andy Warhol and Arthur Rimbaud and have developed their own sound, combining a minimalist aesthetic of rock n roll with hypnotic guitar riffs, heavy drumming, electronic drones, poetry-driven lyrics and visual projections -- creating a live multi-media experience.

The Vacant Lots have previously toured with Sonic Boom's Spectrum, Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500, and most recently performed at Austin Psych Fest with The Black Angels and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
The Vacant Lots are currently working on their debut album with NYC engineer/producer Ted Young and expect to have their second 7" single out on The Reverberation Appreciation Society by summer 2012.

"Their raucous set was like if the Velvet Underground had turned to the MC5 at their Boston Tea Party concert in 1968 and, instead of insulting them, had turned and made love to them—and that was how Lou Reed wound up wearing that dog collar. I couldn't make out a single lyric, but did they really close the set with 'Little Honda?'" --LA RECORD

"Swirling, distorted psych, bulldozed along by pounding primitive drums, fuzzed out vocals, all glued together with a heavy spaced out guitar drone. If that ain't the ingredients for record of the month my name is Prince Bloody William. Imagine if you will the best of THEE OH SEES jamming deep with MOON DUO, with the aid of some sort of retro type drug that only Brace Belden knows the name of and you would almost be right on the money. Heavy, without losing one single hook, repetitive without being the least bit boring and shamelessly stepped in the glory years of acid rock without being a boring regurgitating hipster. Be warned, this record will give you a contact high." --Maximum Rock N Roll #337



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