JST DAVID wsg Royce Lovett and DJ RQ Away

David Jones II (born June 7, 1990), known professionally as JST DAVID (just David), is an American singer, songwriter, musician and filmmaker from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Prior to the release of JST DAVID's debut album "SNACKS", he collaborated with Los Angeles based multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated songwriter & producer Preston Glass on his first two standalone singles, "Here For You" and "Louisiana". Both singles were produced by Louisiana based engineer & producer, Jay Kale and bundled into a mini-EP titled "DAY ONE: Legacy & Roots"

JST DAVID is also the inaugural recipient of the Dan Ireland Memorial Scholarship Award by the Louisiana International Film Festival and the Dan Ireland Legacy Committee, which commemorates Ireland’s dedication to new talent, storytellers and visionaries.

Armed with an unmistakable voice, a spirited guitar, and lyrics drawn from the depths of his soul, Royce Lovett brings a much-needed breath of fresh air to music. After grooming his lyrical skills as an underground emcee, the Tallahassee native learned quickly that he had a desire to carve out his own musical path. This led the singer, songwriter, and rapper to blend his organic approach to lyricism with guitar-driven melodies and a unique urban flair.

“Music can motivate you to change, get into your mind and into your soul,” Lovett says. “It’s a ripple effect from one place to another.”

It’s this motivation that acts as the catalyst for Lovett’s creative process.

The Awayteam's fearless leader shakes up hip-hop, house, R&B, soul, funk and rock with crucial pinches of New Orleans classics into one fine story. He is the future of Hip-Hop in New Orleans.

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