Spacegeisha, Payam


SpacegeishA touches down on earth to deliver an eclectic variety of cave bass, grimey glitch, tribal melodies, and deep space energies. Doubling as the Label head at Street Ritual; she lands here solely to provide freaky bass transmissions for your auditory pleasure. Keeping your curves moving and your head swirling; an earth appearance from spacegeishA is sure to help any listener resonate with far out vibrations.


Owner of Payam Air

Soundpieces Squad

$2 before 11PM with purchase.

Soundpieces is the bay area’s #1 source for proper electronic and bass music. Dubstep . Trap . Grime . Hip Hop . Footwork . Halftime . House & More! Dont sleep on the rotation of some of the finest selectas of our time!!

Behind every great party is a great crew. Our roster of Soundpieces members rank some of the most talented, knowledgable artists we know. Over the years they have not only been staples of our sound-enthusiast, party-animal family, they are integral facets of the underground nightlife industry.



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