Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless, the young songstress, is worth a chance. One quick listen to Lydia’s hauntingly beautiful voice and you are instantly intrigued. Her craft is put together like a bride on her wedding (albeit a shotgun-type) day; something old, something new, borrowed and blue. Her voice calls on the spirits of past legends like Patsy Cline, Kitty Wells, and Tammy Wynette, even Hank Williams – and living legend, Loretta Lynn. Lydia brings something new to the table as well; something distinctly her own. This element remains unidentified. Its something we’ll have to figure out as we get to know this new young artist. Her songs are written from her perspective, raw and honest, without watered down concerns of pleasing the masses. How refreshing. The juxtaposition of Lydia’s timeless, sagacious voice singing out the concerns and perspective of a young turk is quite the introduction. Just think what she will be singing 5 years from now, or ten. Lydia’s sound is also a reflection of her stylistic influences. From the juke joint era through the punk revolution Lydia borrows the energy that forged the DIY movements. And then there is the blue: the heartbreak quality of Lydia’s voice that suggests that she is singing about something more intense, from a place deep inside that is mostly unknown, even for Lydia. It’s an intimate beautiful sorrow that she is sharing, even while she discovers the meaning of it herself. Lydia is not doing this for the money. There are easier ways to make the cash. Indeed, Lydia hardly chose to sing at all; it is quite the opposite. Is that enough? Is she the real deal? Listen for – and to – yourself. Take the chance.

The Bailey Hounds

Gothic Americana.

Sour Mash

We rose from the depths of hell and were gathered by mysterious forces along the outer circle of the fountain in Rittenhouse Square. The rest, friends, is history.


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