Elephants Dancing

Elephants Dancing

Elephants Dancing is a 7-piece reggae/rock band from Wilkes Barre, PA, driven by the chill, beach vibe and powerful roots of reggae. The group delivers an island feel, filled with heavy grooves, fun melodies, syncopation, and clever raps. Elephants Dancing was created by singer-songwriters Michael Iorio (Lead Vocals/Bass) and Danny Sales (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), who were childhood friends. After experiencing several lineup changes since the bands inception in the summer of 2015, the full and unique sound that the band possesses is fulfilled through the versatility and spunk of its members, Ross LeSoine (Tenor Sax/Percussion), Miles Fagley-Orfanella (Trumpet/Percussion), Karl Rucker (Lead Guitar), Samantha Carwell (Keyboard), and Jerry Coyle (Drums). The elephants groove to roots reggae, island hip-hop, and beach rock, but the influences go much farther. Both writers are influenced by a wide variety of genres including: pop-punk, metal, rap, math-rock, and classical.

Black Tie Stereo

Blending together influences of pop, rock, and funk, Scranton, Pennsylvania-based four-piece Black Tie Stereo are bringing a unique flair to the music world. Though the members of Black Tie Stereo had all taken part in different projects before, they came together in 2014 to create an upbeat and exciting sound comparable to the likes of Maroon 5 or Young the Giant.

New Orleans band The Bummers has never been one for genre conventions. Instead the four piece group crafts their style out of unlikely pairings: the jagged riffs of vintage metal with the raw attitude of trap; the breezy melodies of pop paired with their own brand of nihilistic humor; North-eastern punk meets New Orleans Frenchmen street vibes. Featuring vocalists/guitarists Sean Doyle and Ben Shooter, bassist Clay Hakes, and drummer Max Berdik, The Bummers formed in 2014, materializing out of countless dorm-room jam sessions. The band gained a following playing at historic New Orleans venues like Tipitina’s, One Eyed Jacks, and Gasa Gasa, all the while cultivating a euphoric live concert experience. Onstage, The Bummers thrive on a sort of controlled chaos - emerging from trash cans, diving into the audience, venturing into spontaneous jams, all well perfectly capturing the in-your-face feel of their original material.

In April of 2017 The Bummers performed at Tulane University’s annual Crawfest, after winning by popular vote. Shortly afterwards the band entered the recording studio with the help of Mike Saladis of Donovan Wolfington and Matt Seferian of Pope to begin their first full-length album, a more formal follow-up to their earlier EPs and singles. The Bummers’ debut album A Very Exciting Life, is set for release in May 2018.

On their debut album A Very Exciting Life New Orleans band The Bummers blur the line between bleak reality and gritty science-fiction. Over musical textures that sit comfortably between emo-punk and alt-metal, The Bummers imagine worlds thrown into dystopian chaos, but also speak to real issues: social anxiety, political discord, and the cathartic moments in everyday life.

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