Wimps Record Release

“Almost-catchier-than-the-Beatles” - The Stranger

“Seattle trio Wimps channel all of the soul-crushing minutiae of our everyday lives into deceptively sad, yet infectious punk rock.” - Noisey

Seattle’s Wimps (Rachel Ratner, Matt Nyce, and David Ramm) are back with their third album, Garbage People, out July 13th on LP, cassette, CD, and MP3! Known all over as one of the premiere “plenty of nonsense” guitar/bass/drum groups, Garbage People finds Wimps taking a sonic leap forward (there’s saxophone, keyboard, and juuuust enough cowbell) and lyrically (subject matter ranges from gender pay inequality, decline of bee populations as a result of climate change, insomnia, and wanting to steal a pizza ... but only if it’s cheese!) On Garbage People, Wimps have successfully filtered the best parts of 70’s Rough Trade, the International Pop Underground 7” series, Devo, The B-52s, the Breeders, etc. into a unique and timeless sound that appeals to playlist streaming teens AND adults who own over 500 records.

Garbage People is out July 13th, 2018 on Kill Rock Stars

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