The Glen Livers, Shay, Dennis Alvarez, Tommy Mora

The Glen Livers

Who are The Glen Livers? The Glen Livers are a kind of moody, kind of spooky, Americana, blues rock band, with a stoner edge. Think Mississippi delta meets the San Bernardino
freeway, west bound. The band is based in Los Angeles. Anthony Bernal is the front man. Paul Schramm plays the drums. And Mario Lopez is the bass-man. With The Glen Livers every performance is different and unique. You’ll never get the same show twice.

Shay is an Indian-American singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles. His signature smooth vocals and diverse musical influences lend touches of R&B, funk, rock, and pop to his music. Everything from the early stylings of Maroon 5, to Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye, have influenced the creation of a new sound that is quintessentially Shay.
In 2013, Shay started performing at open mic nights and local jam sessions while continuing his day job as a software engineer. After gaining experience and seeing his popularity grow, Shay quit his job in 2016 and moved to Los Angeles to further his musical career. There, he attended Musician’s Institute where he received a Certificate Degree in Vocal Performance. Studying under many seasoned vocalists and musicians,
Shay was able to hone his songwriting, vocals, and
performance abilities into what is his brand of old school mixed with the new.

Born and raised in San Gabriel, CA, Alvarez’s interest in music began at the young age of 5. His inquisitive nature led to the discovery of his Aunt's vinyl record collection which included the works of composers Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin, and he soon after began piano and violin lessons. During his adolescent years he continued to explore musical genres and joined the metal band Epherus as the group’s bass player. During their tour the band played at every major club on the sunset strip (The Whiskey, The Roxy, The House of Blues, The Key Club) and opened for major artists like Otep, Trivium, Cattle Decapitation, Satyricon, and 3 inches of Blood. Their success earned them the attention of Revolver magazine and radio play on 96.7 Kcal. After the band’s dissolution Alvarez went on to attend the Musician’s Institute where he studied licensing and copyright law. Dennis decided to further his education by studying Music Production and Ableton at the SAE institute under mentors such as Sidebrain and DJ Evol. Alvarez’s thirst for learning new instruments led him to discover his voice as a singer. Memories of his grandparents dancing around to music from Dean Martin and Smokey Robinson led him to release his first album as a singer/songwriter titled Can't Shake This. This was Alvarez’s first attempt at writing, producing, and recording entirely on his own. In July of 2016 he released his second album titled Awake, a culmination of Alvarez’s musical inspirations which include sounds of rock, soul, jazz, reggae, and hip hop. He is currently the Executive Producer of the collective Stadium Ways which features artists such as the Antidotes, Jowell, Ceenario, Sanaa, Full Nelson, and Raul Morales.



  • 8:15 - Dennis Alvarez
  • 9:00 - The Glen Livers
  • 9:45 - Shay
  • 10:35 - Tommy Mora

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