THE BLANK TAPES is the moniker of Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist, Matt Adams, who has produced over a dozen albums of 1960’s inspired surf-pop, folk-rock & soul on Volcom, Burger Records, Antenna Farm, White Noise, and others. Their latest being the psychedelic stoner nugget collection “Geodesic Dome Piece” on Royal Oakie. Along with his band mates, The Blank Tapes have toured throughout America, Brazil, Europe, & Japan. Matt is also the artist behind his band’s posters & album covers. New albums and tours coming soon…

File under 60s mod / indiepop. Take The Kinks, The Who and 60s mod greats like The Creation, The Action and The Smoke out of the overcast backdrop of the 60s UK and transplant them into laid back, sunny Costa Mesa California 2014. Think Modern Loversʼ carefree attitude. Think Pavementʼs irreverence. Think the Wipersʼ reclusive tendencies. This is the introverted pop world of Matt McCluer and the Sweet Sweet Things.

Who is he? Every star in the spotlight, every year end list climber, every buzz darling, every ʻfavorite bandʼ has THEIR favorite artist who is too modest, too reclusive and perhaps even too self sabotaging for you to have ever heard of them. Content to make the best music no one will ever hear. Revered by their peers idolized by their more successful contemporaries. Thatʼs Matt McCluer. An OC staple… “Half the musicians in Costa Mesa praise him, the other half think he’s a dick because he doesnʼt care about the scene or the fad or the new hip band. He just cares about songs, and making good ones. Matt McCluer is a songwriting machine.” — Alex Knost (Tomorrows Tulips)

Before Burger Records was feverishly documenting the OC scene at a blitzkrieg pace, before it was declared the ʻbest coastʼ, there was Matt McCluer. For every scene that burns hot enough to get noticed by the nation, there is a deeper history beneath it. Hope Costa Mesa wonʼt be mad at us for giving away their best kept secret!




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