Midnight Sun the Band

The Midnight Sun Band has been in
existence for well over 40 years.
This band has always been known
for their huge repertoire, conviction
and integrity to play the music
“right”. Midnight Sun covers many
genres including r&b, pop, rock,
country and more. Midnight Sun
focuses on “old school”, when
music was good music. Every
member of the band is an aficionado
of the music they play.
Midnight Sun has a very big sound
with a 5-10 piece band including
rhythm, horns, percussion, and
features male and female vocals.
From Michael Jackson, James

Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, Phil
Collins, Elvis, Aretha Franklin,
Motown artists and a host of others.
And, that does not even scratch the
The Midnight Sun Band is Chicago
based and is well known all over the
country. The Midnight Sun Band is
fortunate to have some of the most
seasoned and sought after musicians
around...there is nothing we can’t
cover musically; we play all the
music you love.



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