Rini & Salsa Masala

Rini & Salsa Masala

Leading an international cadre of musicians, New York based, Chennai born singer, composer and violinist Harini “Rini” Raghavan creates her own version of Indian electronica. Harini draws from her formal training in Carnatic music and work at Berklee College of Music in Electronic Production to bring together sounds and music of her birthplace in India and her home in the US. An experienced performer and recording artist, she has recorded and performed with Grammy winning composers A.R.Rahman, Bill Whelan, Rodney Holmes and the renowned Israeli Singer-Songwriter Idan Raichel, headlining prestigious festivals and venues in US, India and Switzerland, including Boston Symphony Hall, Lincoln Center, Beacon Theatre, Blue Frog Bangalore, Kultur und Kongresshaus Switzerland and the United Nations General Assembly. Rini has released three EP/albums worldwide to critical acclaim, including a feature in Rolling Stone India, New York Music Daily, Republic of Jazz and World Music Central.

"New York-based Indian vocalist, violinist and composer Harini “Rini” Raghavan delivers an exquisite combination of Indian music with electronica, funk, rock and jazz." - World Music Central

"Rini draws on her decades of Carnatic music training and her years at Berklee, shifting South Asian classical elements toward pop and jazz sensibilities in a refreshing, organic way." - Republic of Jazz

"Dazzling stuff that blows open your mind as well as your ears, this hyper textured set is all the world beat you ever wanted all at once---and sounding good instead of like a mish mosh." - Midwest Record

Salsa Masala combines Indian, Latin, and African-American music in ways that that get hips shaking and minds exploding. This Indo-Latin funk jam fuses Bhangra with Bachata, Cumbia with Dandiya, Salsa with ragas, all in a groove that springs from the streets of New York City. Salsa Masala is the recipient of the inaugural Queens Council of the Arts Artist Commissioning Program award in 2017-18. Their debut album will release at the end of 2018.

Salsa Masala is a pioneering foray into Indo-Latin fusion, ornamenting Indian melodies seamlessly into jazz, funk and hip-hop, through Cumbia and Salsa rhythms, and back again. It’s emerged from decades of collaborations with musicians like Chucho Valdes, Steve Gorn, Sonny Simmons and Jazz Maalika, La Receta, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Ustad Sultan Khan, EMEFE, the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, NG La Banda, and Reggie Workman, among others.



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