Seattle-based garage rock/punk rock trio.

Dave Ramm: drums
Rachel Ratner: guitar
Matt Nyce: bass

The Ghost Ease

The Ghost Ease is a Portland rock band that revels within the warm folds of a sort of soft savagery, pin-pricking holes into the fabric of the astral veil.

Created and directed by Jem Murciano, the band is known and loved for producing raw, hypnotic opuses by way of heavy guitars, frenzied drums and lilting vocal timbres.

Mope Grooves

"In the liner notes accompanying the Portland band’s wonderful follow-up, Vanished, Mope Grooves founder and chief songwriter Stevie Pohlman writes that her second album is more “honest” than Joy because it is “a load of melted doll parts I have no control over.”

Pohlman’s artistic vision is too rowdy and expansive to corral into simple oppositions, but if Joy is a document of psychic pain, Vanished is a pissed-off and panicked vision of physical danger and obliteration. Like Joy, the new album builds stunning, swaying bridges between post-punk deities like Television, the Raincoats, and Pylon­—but the world Pohlman writes about has become much scarier."

-Chris Stamm, Portland Mercury

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