twenty | one | pilots

twenty | one | pilots

twenty one pilots has decided to manifest itself as two guys.

twenty one pilots is a band that does not want to be heard; they want to be listened to.

we are all responsible for the preservation of our personal joy; but happiness is different. joy is not circumstantial, happiness is. you can be depressed and still have joy. you can be suicidal and still have joy. we all stop thinking and we all stop talking and we all stop sharing and we all stop creating, because by doing any of these things we quickly find out just how unhappy we are. but that's ok. that's normal. don't let the fear of unhappiness cripple your pursuit of finding what it is you believe. since joy is found in belief, we all have to push through unhappiness to find joy.

recording songs at our house and giving everything we have at shows. we are not good enough at our instruments to stand up there and have you watch. since we will ask you to be involved at these shows, we will work to gain your respect and trust for the first half of the set; the second half is governed by the whole room.


There are so many options before us as we approach life. There are so many ways we could spend our time. What's great is that each one of us has a destiny to fulfill, each one of us has something specific to accomplish while here for the while on earth. It is a beautiful thing when a person figures this out. The guys in Come Wind have been lucky enough to look into this beauty, and walk away with a mission.

Driven by the conviction that life was meant to be lived, instead of just wandered through, Come Wind seeks to craft music that helps people become who they're supposed to be. More than anything, the band hopes their music ministers to those who hear it and inspires them to do great things.

From Canton, Ohio, Come Wind hopes to break into Ohio's music scene early in 2010. This winter, the band will travel to Nashville to record their first EP. This project is being produced and engineered by Joshua Silverberg, formerly of Edison Glass. The guys have very high hopes for this project, and are extremely jazzed about it.

Come Wind invites everyone interested to be a part of their experience with music. With greatest appreciation for all support, the band is very excited for the future.

Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.

W.C. Lindsay

W. C. Lindsay is a duality. Chill/Rage. Digital/Analog. Acoustic/Electric. Light/Heavy. Traditional/Original. Folk/Dub. Build/Destroy. The duality of human existence is not lost on me. If it isn't lost on you, we can begin.

$12.00 - $14.00


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