Paper Anthem, Bartees & The Strange Fruit, Space Cadette, Samus David Jr., MNKR

Paper Anthem

Paper Anthem is the brainchild of Seattle, WA twenty-something Joseph Hitchcock. Though the name wasn't chosen until 2014, the project began as an emotional outlet in November 2013 when Hitchcock first started playing shows to mostly empty bars. April 2015 finally saw the release of By Ghosts, a collection of songs Hitchcock claims were given to him by a haunted piano.

Bartees & The Strange Fruit

Songwriter artist from Brooklyn.

Space Cadette

Bubbly powerpop with depressed undertones

Samus David Jr.

Samus David Jr. is a noise pop band with jazz and garage rock influences from Denton, TX. Members are Anby Marin(Guitar/Vocals), Sean Kennedy(Bass), and Hagen Hauschild(Drums). Each member is influenced by different things but shares the common interest of great song titles. Samus David Jr. released their debut album "Literal Trash"(2017) and is beginning to play around the DFW and more. Look out for SDJ on a stage near you!


MNKR is Jackson & Hagen based in Denton, Tx. With a wide spectrum of sounds coming from a wide spectrum of influences.



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