We are a power driven force. A band of brothers that can overcome any obstacle in life. A band that can provide meaning to a lost soul in a dark world and show them light. We are love, rage, sadness, strength, bliss, meaning and unity. We are TRAVIA.


13:1 was formed in Winter of 2008. Without a permanent rythm section, Singer; Pete Martinez, and Guitar players; Jay Mills and Johnny Wetherall wrote songs and lyrics for the music that was to catch the attention of Drummer; Allen Siembida and Bass Player; Shannon Ouimet. Both Allen, and Shannon were what the band needed in order to grow spiritually and creatively. By the Fall of 2009 the b...ands first CD was completed at Clay Creek Studio's in Newark Delaware. A huge success, the CD fell into the right hands and help land them gigs at landmark venues, Such as the Trocedero in Philadelphia PA, which the band has played twice, and the Annual June Jam festival in Houston Delaware which by some remarkable twist of fate were asked to headline the event.

Each member adds more than just playing to the equation, everyday life struggles and stresses help fuel the creative fires that burn in our souls giving us power to heal ourselves as well as all others who can relate. We are currently working on songs for the next Album which could be out as soon as Winter of 2010 and as time presses on so does our drive to be what is the status quo of rock and roll.



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Trocadero Theatre