Meet the four 23 year olds that stirred up the Korean indie scene, whom proudly claimed the title:
'Band of the New Generation’ in only about a year after their debut.
The band expresses the essence of youth—wild and free but also empty and deserted— not only
by the music, but also through their videos, fashions, and performances. Debuted in Sept. 2014 with their EP album <20>.
Without even a single media promotion the album
became popular by word-of-mouth. hyukoh
performed the opening stages for musicians like
Mac DeMarco, How to Dress Well, and Erlend Øye.
In March 2015, vocal Hyuk released
together with Primary and scored number one on
the music charts.
In May 2015, hyukoh released the second EP
<22>, followed by their appearance on worldwide
popular TV show, MBC Infinite Challenge in August
2015. The band became no doubt the hottest indie
artist of the year.
The demand continued throughout the year, and
the ‘End of the year concert <22>’ got sold out in
less than two minutes after ticket opening.
After two long years of painstaking efforts, hyukoh
is now about to change the game again with their
first full-length album, <23>.

$35.00 - $86.00


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