Dream pop duo Magic Wands formed in Nashville as a collaboration between Dexy and Chris Valentine. After managing a long-distance relationship, Dexy eventually relocated from Los Angeles to join Chris in Nashville where the band initially took shape with the release of their Blondie-esque debut single "Teenage Love" in 2008. During their cross-country courting period, an actual magic wand was gifted through the mail inspiring the band's name. That same year, the two song Black Magic/Kaleidoscope Hearts single was released on London indie Ark Recordings. The band eventually struck a deal in the U.S. with California label Bright Antenna who released their Magic Love & Dreams EP in 2009. The following year their track "Warrior" was remixed by British indie pop group the xx and soon Magic Wands had relocated back to the West Coast, settlind down in Los Angeles. Their debut album, Aloha Moon, finally arrived in 2012 to considerable acclaim, raising their profile and landing them opening slots for acts like the Black Keys, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Kills. Expanding their lineup to include a live rhythm section, Magic Wands returned in early 2016 with their sophomore LP, Jupiter.

Taleen Kali plays cosmic femme punk in Los Angeles. Look out for her solo debut “Soul Songs” out now on Lolipop Records, recently featured in Pitchfork’s Guide to Albums Summer 2018. The album is produced by Kristin Kontrol (fka Dum Dum Girls) and recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood. Taleen is a writer, musician, and artist native to L.A. After coming up in the DIY scene as frontwoman of riotgaze band TÜLIPS (2011-2016), she debuted her solo act at Echo Park Rising last summer and formed a new live band, expanding her sonic palette with an array of synths, guitar pedals, and sound healing instruments. A multi-hypenate to the core, she is founder of what L.A. Times calls “cult favorite” lit and music-minded DUM DUM Zine and teaches Kali Punk Yoga workshops and sound experiences in venues, galleries, DIY spaces, and private lessons throughout Los Angeles.

Amanda Tannen on bass guitar and backing vocals
Greg Katz on vocals and guitar
Mark Echo Edwards on drums and percussion

dimber, pronounced like the switch, is a punk band formed in 2016 in LA, California. Upbeat music for downbeat people. Charged up rainbow sparkles, short and fast, spindles and shards of the Clueless soundtrack aimed against social control. Theme songs of desperation and hope in the modern age.

They released the four song 7" damber - EP in 2017 and the 7" single Take Me Out b/w Sons and Daughters in 2018, both on Chain Letter Collective.

"Imagine the Descendents produced a riot grrrl band." - Candace Hansen, Razorcake.

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DJs Julie Bean, Clifton Weaver (Funky Sole), Emily Twombly (Record Club, This Is Who We Are Now), Erika Paget and so much more!


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