Danny Diablo

Danny Diablo aka Lord Ezec was born an raised in New York City. In his youth he there has been known as a fighter, a graffiti artist, and a fan and follower of the NYC hardcore scene. He went from “the pit” to the stage in the mid-nineties as a front man for two of hardcore’s most revered and respected bands, Crown of Thornz and Skarhead. With over a 14 year career in music, Danny Diablo has been a worldwide headlining act, an actor, a model in the clothing industry, and has graced the cover of trade magazines across the globe. His career has given him the reputation of a ruthless thug, and a bruiser. But to those who been blessed enough to know him on a personal level, they know an amazing father, a leader in the hardcore community, a graffiti legend, a songwriter, and an entertainer who has never given up on his music. Even when he fell on hard times, lost friends and lost family, he endured. Even when faced with death, he persevered. Soon after the tragic loss of his younger brother David, Danny began creating music.

Perhaps the Bay Area's darkest secret, Mars made a name for himself on the independent touring circuit playing some of the biggest and smallest concert venues from coast to coast developing a dedicated "horrorcore" fanbase. With his releases sometimes selling out in just minutes, and constant mainstream news coverage for fan related controversy, his talents caught the eye of the Insane Clown Posse who asked for Mars to appear on their Billboard charting compilation "Tunnel Runners". It was the push that helped catapult his career to the next level. Mars who sometimes wears a Hannibal Lecter mask on stage and on TV helped define the horrorcore genre over the last decade and is no doubt the poster boy after releasing some of the most classic and sought after albums in the independent scene.

Full Scale Riot


rimshaw is a Rock band – just that but no less than that. The authentic spirit of Rock that has withstood the passage of time, from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to Rush, KISS, and more, is born anew in these young guys from Brooklyn.

Crimshaw's driving and irresistible sound and stage presence never loses that spirit of fun that’s at the heart of the heavy music that lasts and retains its appeal. They are both original, and also connected to influences: audiences appreciate the obvious Hard Rock and even blues-influenced Metal vibes, but others are clear in their music and live shows as well – from Groove to Prog, and even an occasional nod to the Heavy Ballad tradition. Crimshaw is entirely in the here and now.

The Neverends are an indie/alternative rock band from New Milford, New Jersey. The Neverends have come to create a unique sound in their original songs complete with melodic bass lines, harmonic guitar riffs, and elaborate drum patterns. The Neverends are no strangers to putting on an energetic and enticing performance that pulls in a variety of different crowds to their shows. Having known each other since middle school, the band's chemistry is just one of the many factors that make each of their live performances incredibly powerful.

Call of Sirens



$15 in advance, or $20 cash at the door.

$5 Food & Beverage minimum collected in cash at door for all guests under the age of 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant.

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