Elements of progressive rock, black metal, post rock, doom, and folk band from Denver/Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dreadnought finds a home in surreal atmospheres, complex, yet approachable grooves, and an immense palette of textures and moods. Collaboration and the highest quality of friendship have fashioned this quartet's knack for contemplative songraft while also inspiring each member to bring their multi-instrumental talents to the foray, introducing mandolin, saxophone, and flute into their repertoire.

A spellbinding mix of spacey post-prog melodies and epic industrial heaviness. For fans of Russian Circles, Muse and Deafheaven


Bangladeafy! is a berzerker drum and bass duo out of New York with a propensity for high speed and tricked-out beats and riffs. Living somewhere between the worlds of thrash, Latin and progressive, Bangladeafy! shows will make you want to dance; but in more of a "I just got shocked by a taser" kind of way.

Bangladeafy! came together after a chance encounter in 2006 at an open jam at a small coffee house in St. James, New York. While seeing great potential in each others cutting room-like styles, Atif and Jon set off to bottle audial lunacy. After wrestling with multiple combination's of musicians and instrumentation, the two decided, two was enough. Since October 2009, Bangladeafy! has been displaying their tricked out-Gatling gun like beats and riffs throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island and surrounding cities alike.


Atif Haq - Drums

Jonny Germ - Bass // Vocals

$10.00 - $13.00


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