Dent May, Shannon Lay

"The Mississippi-born, L.A.-based musician Dent May is many things: ambitious singer-songwriter, gifted multi-instrumentalist, self-styled virtuoso with old-fashioned panache. He has a voice like Brian Wilson’s, which is certainly appealing. He affects a winsome persona—intergalactic lounge singer, spaceship yacht-rock star—and remains committed with conviction to the bit. He prizes breezy, irrepressible melodies, songs in a quaint and cheerful key—and then likes to playfully, even mordantly, undermine them. He cuts an endearing figure in his thrift-store tuxedos and his horn-rimmed glasses: there’s something of the young Harold Lloyd about him, winning smile and all." - PITCHFORK

"A plainspoken mysticism rules heaven and earth on Shannon Lay’s remarkable Living Water, a quiet, mostly acoustic album that is bigger and stranger than its hushed dynamics and finger-picked sparkle might suggest. Crack open the Los Angeles singer-songwriter’s unassuming lyrics and you’ll find pearls of unconventional folk wisdom scattered throughout. " - PITCHFORK

Tange is a stunningly sharp fem-pop trio.

Valois are a five-piece glam band from
Ottawa, ON. They blend dark synthscapes with noisy guitar and sweet vocal harmonies.



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