Carmel Mikol

A decade in the making, Carmel Mikol's new album "Daughter of a Working Man," is both an elegy and a victory album. It faces loss with strength and resolve, but never shies away from the dark. Produced by The Stanfields frontman Jon Landry, Daughter of a Working Man is a folk record dressed up in strings, electronic effects, and textured vocals. True to the lyric-driven songwriting and storytelling Mikol is known for, the songs on this album swing elegantly between deeply personal stories and broader social issues of inequality and injustice.

“I was completely cracked open emotionally while making this record,” Mikol says. Out of this fragility came honest vocals and sincere storytelling – the instruments, the studio effects, the mixing board - they are all just there to support and enhance that core, authentic thing.

Available for Preorder April 5th and released May 1st, Daughter of a Working Man is Carmel Mikol's third album and first solo release in five years. Previously, Carmel won the Grand Prize in the Folk Category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and Great American Song Contest. She has performed alongside Canadian folk greats Amelia Curran, Rose Cousins, and David Francey through extensive touring and appearances at festivals across North America.

Ted Simmons

Ted is originally from Newfoundland, but has travelled to and lived in many other parts of the world.

Music and songwriting have been one of the few constants in his life and have taken him to many places, some fantastic, some strange, some he wishes he had never been, and others he wishes he could see at least one more time. At the top of his list of fantastical places is New York City.

Scott MacKay

"Oh I'll forgive her on the day the Devil gets on his knees to pray…"

With one dark, cold and chilling opening line, so begins the video that introduces the unfamiliar to the simple, elegant music of Scott MacKay. Even when pared down to banjo, guitar and a few vocals, MacKay's country-ish songs are standouts, riddled with one-liners that catch the sun like a freshly polished cleaver. Born in P.E.I. but now living in Calgary, MacKay has made a name for himself playing house concerts, sold out clubs and festivals all over Canada. MacKay's album "Twin" (produced by Leeroy Stagger) features fiddle, banjo and the haunting harmonies of Scott's twin brother, Ben.

"Today I can't deliver because my hearse keeps breaking down. I can't get the departed to the other side of town. Something's clearly wrong with this old Cadillac and I think it's all because the preacher's lying in the back…"



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