Hilly Eye, Field Mouse, Corita, Wojcik

Hilly Eye

Field Mouse

Field Mouse is a four-piece dream pop band from Brooklyn, NY. Seamlessly interweaving influences from shoegaze, indie, and power pop, Field Mouse offers lush sonic textures and expansive soundscapes to complement the airy, wistful vocals of singer/guitarist Rachel Browne. Through complex and delicate harmonies, the songwriting of Browne and guitarist Andrew Futral breathes new life into common themes of lost love and renewal.

The band has been honing its sound since its formation in 2010, and has solidified its lineup with the recent addition of bassist Danielle DePalma and drummer Geoff Lewit. Their first release on Small Plates Records finds the group realizing its musical vision, incorporating rich synthesizers and feedback to give an edge to its soaring arrangements and pop sensibilities.


Corita is a Brooklyn band born out of the diverse inspiration of shoegaze, femme-powered post-punk bands like The Raincoats and Delta 5, 90s indie rock, and the visual artist Corita Kent. Corita's songs broach subjects such as the duality of careers as musicians and mundane day jobs, travel and wanderlust, and cinematic European daydreams.


"...reminiscent of The White Stripes and Blood Red Shoes in their bare bones garage-rock aesthetic, and also evoke memories of Sonic Youth. Wojcik flexes her voice in that very erotic, sultry, rock 'n roll way that so few female rock vocalists seem to get right."

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