Altered Perceptions, The Machinist, NOMVDIC, Broken Factory Windows, Justify These Scars

Altered Perceptions

Metal from Chicago IL

Ever since their inception in 2013, Altered Perceptions has made remarkable progress. On their latest album, Transcend/Revert, AP combines elements of djent, deathcore and downtempo to deliver a relentless assault on the senses. They've released two singles, Transcend and Dark Matter, as well as two albums, Void and Transcend/Revert, available on Bandcamp. Cloaked in all black with masks to obscure their identity, their captivating stage presence leaves the audience in a state of shock and awe by playing punishing downtuned riffs while explosive drums propel the band forward at breakneck pace, all while anguished vocals weave their way in and out of the beautifully chaotic tapestry of the instrumentals. Altered Perceptions is a band that will leave indelibly its mark on the modern metal scene.

The Machinist

Metal from Queens NY

A 4 piece extreme metal band hailing from all corners of Queens,NY, The Machinist has one set goal: bringing the groove to all. With catchy riifs and grooving breakdowns, to the shred we've all come to love The Machinist has a little something for everyone and then some.

Metal from Tampa FL

NOMVDIC’s sound wanders as much as their name suggests. With conceptual, genre-bending songwriting to thank, diversity alone makes this quartet difficult to pigeonhole. And in an era of heavy music that is saturated with monotony and pandering themes, NOMVDIC is a welcome breath of fresh air.

In a live setting, their progressive and unpredictable nature is free to flaunt its full potential. Any true performance leaves the viewer in a dense fog of curiosity, and NOMVDIC is no exception to that rule. Any heavy music fan will be able to pinpoint a favorite track on the Horror EP, which proves just as unique from song to song as the restless modern-day listener would hope.

Whether you’re thirsty for haunting intensity or sheer atmosphere, you can rest assured that NOMVDIC incorporates both ingredients in their signature cocktail of all things dark.

Broken Factory Windows

Meat and Potatoes, Post-Punk, Post-Hardcore, Hardcore Punk from Atlanta GA

Justify These Scars

Punk Rock from Birmingham AL

$8.00 - $10.00


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