A Side of Soul with Josephine Antoinette feat. Robin Jackson

Josephine Antoinette

Josephine Antoinette combines her love of soul, jazz, R&B and pop in her new trio.

The 27-year-old Portland native has played keyboards and has sung in a handful of local bands, ranging from classical to rock groups.

She’s recently played with local blues singer LaRhonda Steele and with the NW Women in R&B, a group led by guitarist Sonny Hess.

With degrees in political science and journalism from the University of Oregon, Josephine’s curiosity about people and current events inspires her songwriting. She tackles big topics and tries to make them accessible through a soulful soundscape.

She’s joined by Samuel Eisen-Meyers on guitar and Kirk Kalbfleisch on drums.

Samuel is a songwriter and multi-media artist from Portland. His utmost love for music comes from performing with a variety of Northwest musicians and songwriters, as well as fronting his own band.

Kirk is a Portland-based freelance drummer from Las Vegas, NV. He attended the University of Portland, where he continued his studies in jazz drumming. Since graduating in 2015, Kirk has been an active member of Portland’s music scene, playing in several touring bands that include World’s Finest, Coco Colombia and Toothbone.

Robin Jackson

"A catchy and captivating song-crafter, a true storyteller.” – NPR.

Award winning Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Robin Jackson, known for his wild, theatrical contributions to bands like Vagabond Opera and the March Fourth Marching Band, has brought a strong presence to the world of indie folk. Mr Jackson, often joined by his all-star six piece ensemble of NW musicians The Caravan, draws upon the moody spirit of his rain-soaked, Portland, Or. home to create an eclectic brew of dreamy folk-pop, cinematic indie rock and above all, enigmatic storytelling.

With a degree in ethnomusicology and an unflagging musical curiosity, Jackson has lived and busked around the world, from an intentional beach community in New Zealand to the streets of Europe. He is a master of a myriad of instruments, from saxophone, to mbira and has also performed or recorded with notable acts such as Gregory Allen Isakov, Emancipator, Devotchka, and Amanda Palmer. An impresario of community and collaboration, Jackson has built on his colorful, bohemian upbringing and dedicated himself to creating and supporting music around Portland, Or where he produces a popular nationally recognized music event, the Songwriter Soiree, and lives on an urban farm with his cat and a circus. He has two solo albums; Dust Diaries (2012) and his new release Dark Stars (2017), which was recorded in the legendary Type Foundry Studios in Portland.



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