Son of Trailer Trash & Chesty Anderson, U.S. Navy

$5.00 - $9.00


Like the original Trailer Trash program (seen at IHP last February), this 100%-different program is a non-stop orgy of rare, original preview “trailers” advertising some of the Secret Cinema’s favorite films of the 1960s and ‘70s—exploitation, sexploitation, science-fiction, bikers, horror, rock musicals, beach movies, and unclassifiable movies.

Shari Eubanks (Supervixens) plays the titular Anderson, seeking revenge for the garbage-chopper murder of her sister. With the aid of Rosanne Katon (Ebony, Ivory and Jade) and some other kung-fu capable WAVES, they track down the sleazy mobsters responsible and wage battle. Along the way there are cat fights in undies, wah-wah funk-filled bars, midgets, dumb jokes, and characters named “Pucker” and “Baby.”

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