Beauty is Embarrassing

Beauty is Embarrassing

dir. Neil Berkeley, US, 2012, video, 87 mins, color

The affable and outspoken Wayne White reflects on his journey as a young painter/cartoonist from Tennessee to designer/puppeteer on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse to internationally successful artist. Interviews with Mark Mothersbaugh, Gary Panter and Paul Reubens expand on the eclectic creativity and “anything goes” spirit behind White’s art. Beauty is Embarrassing is a wild ride through the creative process.

“This movie ought to be required viewing, not just for Oscar voters but for every aspiring artist wondering how to build a life doing what they love. Beauty is Embarrassing isn’t simply a testament to the talents of Wayne White; it’s a snapshot of the ways in which creativity and the business of daily living can be inseparably fused.” – Elina Shatkin, Los Angeles Magazine

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