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Blackhawk is a musical group of seasoned professionals with decades of dedication to their music. Led by singer Henry Paul on acoustic guitar / mandolin, the group includes Randy Threet on bass guitar and high harmony vocals, and Jon Cloeman on Keyboards and low harmony vocals. Rounding out the group are Billy Crain on lead guitar, Chris Anderson on lead guitar, and Monte Yoho on drums and percussion.
This line up has played together in different configurations for years and the band is as much a family as it is a touring group. They write songs together, they make records together, and they take the stage together, putting on one of American music's most intense and energetic musical performances. There is a sincerity and originality in what they do that rings true with audiences everywhere. Great songs are the cornerstones of their career and these songs have touched people both young and old.
Their unique musical character has been a catalyst in bringing non country music fans to the idiom. Blackhawk's faithful followers have continued to grow in numbers over the years based on the consistency of quality in their effort. With a dozen top ten hits to their credit and multi-platinum album sales that exceed 7 million records, they have carved out their own place in music history. Night after night Blackhawk plays an inspired show that resonates in the hearts and minds of music enthusiasts everywhere.
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