Little One, Noah Kite

Little One

Little One blends Americana, jazz, and chamber music through original works that aren’t afraid to share closely-held truths. The group’s first recording features songs dedicated to bandleader Douglas Detrick’s family—it is the most personal project he’s ever tackled, in a long line of intimate work. The quartet’s unconventional instrumentation—Detrick on clawhammer banjo, voice, and trumpet, William Seiji Marsh on guitar, Lauren Elledge on viola, and Andy Rayborn on bass clarinet—gives the group a unique ability to access sounds that no other group can.

Noah Kite

Noah Kite is a Portland, Oregon based songwriter shaping pop jazz and classical influences to accent folk's lyrical poignancy. This chambered folk-rock finds its roots in a childhood exposure to Ravel, Sade, Van Morrison, Enya, and Steely Dan, to name a few. Over the last few years myriad experiences teaching, traveling, and touring abroad have all given fuel to a tension of melody and metaphor that is best distilled in the recent release he spent May touring Europe to support. While these dynamically orchestrated dramas find an expansively symphonic home on the eponymous record, in live settings arrangements are sparse; Kite’s guitar and voice accompanied by the haunting oboe of Laura Gershman are laced with choice moments of stacked and looped ambient textures from horn and axe alike.



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