Varsity (Album Release)

Varsity (Album Release)

Varsity is an American indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois

The intimate music of Den-Mate—the latest project from DC
songwriter/producer Jules Hale—is arresting, like peering into a funhouse
mirror. Her sparse, dreamy jams reflect and distort private nighttime
thoughts of desperation and isolation, transforming abstract fears into
throbbing bass lines and static-washed riffs. Drawing a bridge from Chimes
Records' dreamy guitar pop and the exciting world of progressive
electronica, Den-Mate brings a new style for adventurous listeners in DC
and beyond.


Cigarette a group residing in Washington, D.C. Enjoys a touch of mystique. The music is emotional, yet understated. Warm, but genteel. A rococo take on slowcore. Formed in 2010 in Arlington, Va the band is Drew Hagelin (drums), Evan Napala (guitar, voice), Jonathan Howard (guitar voice), and Richard Howard (bass, voice). With a new release coming out July 15th on Sister Polygon Records, “Warm Shadows” b/w “Love’s Mirror” is their most lush and moody release to date. This is the band’s third official release, following a 12” EP, Gush, and a live cassette, Chapel Sounds.

$10.00 - $12.00


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