Tony Hinchcliffe

"Tony Hinchcliffe takes dark subject matter and makes it hilarious. Pushing you back and forth emotionally. Using his timing, he forces you to not want to miss a beat."

-Andrew Jarecki Creator of HBO's The Jinx

"He's the best!"

-Jeffrey Ross

"He is on the path to becoming one of the all time greats..."

- Joe Rogan

Tony started stand-up comedy at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood in 2007. An amazing comedy club known for being a hub of development, Tony used the darkness and freedom of the club to mend his trademark style of dark edgy jokes and seamlessly going in and out of material and crowdwork. While constantly doing standup he has also written for the last five Comedy Central Roasts and hosts his popular live podcast KillTony. His popularity began to thrive in 2014 after becoming a regular guest on The Joe Rogan Experience. Tony's first comedy special "ONE SHOT" is due for release January 15, 2016 only available on Netflix.

$16.00 - $18.00


Tony will be doing two events this night with a stand up show and his live "Kill Tony" podcast immediately after. Both shows require separate tickets.

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