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Landing in London recently with a brand new project under the Beca pseudonym, “Let’s Run Wild” is the New Yorker's debut EP on This Is Music, revealing a fresh, darker, moodier sound that fits Beca like a glove.

Ashley Beedle’s remix of “Let’s Run Wild” takes the original’s smooth sound, and cranks things up a gear, creating a sonically powerful track that promises peak-time dancefloor action and a rattling of soundsystems worldwide. On the B-side, Klic (better known under his alternative alias ‘Medlar’) creates a big and bassy house/garage hybrid using cut up vocals. B-side bonus track “Fall Into Light” shifts the mood back to the dark atmospherics that hold this project together, and describes a powerful tale of desire and forbidden romance, while an electric ride of stripped-back beats takes you on an effortless journey through the music.

Imagine a female Serge Gainsbourg produced by the RZA. “Let’s Run Wild” covers a whole range of sounds and emotions, and reaches out from the depths of the subconscious to grab you by the scruff of the neck and demand repeated listening.


"Beca is a young New York artist who started out studying composition at Juilliard but who has since turned her talents toward making wispy, ethereal electro-pop." -Stereogum

"Listening to Beca is like wandering around New York. Sure, she's got a love for great pop hooks but since when was that a crime?" -Clash Music

"Get to know Beca before she breaks into the music scene in a big way." -The Tune

Slowdance began in Brooklyn in the winter of 2009. We write pop tunes. Slowdance is Quay Quinn-Settel, Kyle McKeveny, Thomas Quigley, Luke Fox and Sam Koppelman.

Miracles of Modern Science

If you see Miracles of Modern Science loading their classical instruments into a New York rock club and mistake them for another band's string section, they don't mind. It makes for a bigger surprise when you hear what they can do with just mandolin, violin, cello, upright bass, and drums. Miracles of Modern Science push the limits of these antique instruments, reaching heights and depths unexplored by guitars.

The band began at Princeton University when vocalist/bassist Evan Younger and mandolinist Josh Hirshfeld discovered a shared boredom with the status quo of pop and rock. "We felt there was a lack of fun music that was challenging and a lack of challenging music that was fun," says Hirshfeld. They found kindred spirits in other restless musicians from the school's orchestras and jazz bands: conductor-by-day cellist Geoff McDonald, Aussie violinist Kieran Ledwidge, and finally powerhouse drummer Tyler Pines, who spurred them to plug their miniature orchestra into amps.

Their debut LP, Dog Year, sounds like an impossible collaboration between David Bowie and Béla Bartók, squeezing symphony-sized crescendos and complex instrumental textures into irresistible, danceable rock songs. MOMS' lyrics, delivered by Younger's unhinged baritone, look inward and then upward, communicating earthly emotions through space-bound narrators who would be in good company with Bowie's Major Tom or Elton John's Rocket Man.

MOMS recorded Dog Year simply, their dense instrumental counterpoint leaving little room for overdubs. Indeed, the band meticulously crafted and honed their arrangements down to the last pluck before taking their songs into the studio. "A MOMS song usually starts with a simple hook," says Younger. "But that hook goes through this gauntlet of musicians never satisfied with 'simple,' until it's transformed into something completely out there."

"But after all that, we whittle it down until it sounds like a pop song again," adds Hirshfeld. "Almost."

Alyson Greenfield

ALYSON GREENFIELD experiments with synthesizers, glockenspiels, chord organs, drums, autoharps, and beatboxers, and string trios to create her "eclectic sound" (AM New York), chock-full of "satiating and seductive songs" (LA Examiner). As well as having shared the stage with indie-folk favorites Jenny Owen Youngs and Holly Miranda, Greenfield is no stranger to the electro and hip-hop scenes. Future Rock's remix of her song "Understand the Sky" was released on the Chicago-based electronica trio's most recent album, and the original version of the song currently appears in Josh Stolberg's (Good Luck Chuck, Pirhana 3D) newest feature film Conception. Greenfield's most recent release, Rock Out With Your Glockenspiel Out, an album of hip-hop covers which was named the #2 Covers EP of 2011 by Cover Me has gained media attention, especially for her "re-inventions" (Cover Me) of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" on a glockenspiel and L.L. Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" on a baby grand piano, which have led to feature performances at both the 2010 and 2011 American Beatboxing Championships, alongside Rahzel, Raaka (Dialted Peoples), and DJ Johnny Juice (Public Enemy). Greenfield was named "One of the 5 CMJ 2011 Acts You Should Have Seen" by The Faster Times, an "Upcoming NYC Artist" by NYC's The Deli, and was one of the first 5 artists chosen to record at Converse's Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn. Greenfield's engaging and charismatic live performances where "the stage becomes her playroom" (Venus Zine), have been called "amazing...funny, spontaneous" (Thy Daily Noise) and "mesmerizing to watch" (Music Crush Girl). In addition to being a songwriter and performer, Greenfield is also the Founder/Director of the Tinderbox Music Festival, an annual Brooklyn-based event showcasing emerging female musicians, and giving back to NYC non-profits empowering young women through the arts. The festival has grown quickly since its formation in 2010, garnering press from The New York Times, Time Out New York, Billboard, Brooklyn Vegan, and more.

In less than a year, SORNE has gained a strong following around the world and in particular, the hypercompetitive Austin music scene. SORNE is known for their mind-blowing, multimedia live performances and the use of only the voice, homemade instruments and found objects in the recording of the self-released debut album House of Stone. The album is an epic tale of five siblings coming to terms with their suffering, seeking atonement, salvation, redemption, freedom and to defend what remains of their heritage, in the wake of their father's untimely death at the hands of the First Born son. This story has captivated fans and critics alike and is just the introduction to the saga. A short film based on the characters and narrative behind House of Stone premiered at the SXSW Film Festival this year. SORNE has played over 80 shows in 25 cities including sharing bills with international acts TV on the Radio, James Blake, Little Dragon, Beats Antique, Gang Gang Dance, The Glitch Mob, Bassnectar, Maps & Atlases, CasioKids, Art vs. Science, Avi Buffalo, Keller Williams, Dawes, Blitzen Trapper, Dillon Francis and Rubblebucket in the last year and is poised to make 2012 a break out year.

Emi, Yoko, Mariko, and The Gooch are four Japanese girls who laugh and yell at each other all the time. About two years ago they harmonized their varied subconscious musical hauntings to form Hard Nips. The riff-heavy, post-punk anthems of Hard Nips coalesce from jabbing, overdriven guitar and bass lines, big straight beats, and Yoko's prepubescent strainings. The band released their first record last year and have drawn increasing attention via their colorful and kinetic live performances.



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