Emerging from Philadelphia PA., FV uses lush alt-rock to usher in youthful yet melancholic themes. The band was formed in 2017 and is comprised of lead singer Timothy Waldron, guitarist/vocalist Sean Mccall, bassist Evan King, and drummer Chris Kitchen.

Rich People

Rob Rich remembers the day he wrote “Back Step,” the towering single off Rich People's sophomore release 'Grace Session.' While the rest of his band smolders behind him, his vocals soar before leveling off in exhaustion. It’s an allusion to where the song took shape: an overnight shift at a Philly shipyard. Frustration with the back-breaking, monotonous work and the laziness of his coworkers needed an antidote. 'Grace Session' is full of these moments: instrumentals swell to new heights before they’re blunted, and lyrics double back on themselves to underscore patient self-reflection.

With a band name like Rich People, a listener could assume style would overtake substance. Here, both are present in full force, John Naclerio’s production is almost translucent. It’s loose on “119” and “Safehull,” two tracks that toe a thin line between explosion and restraint, with nimble guitars arcing flexibility between post-rock reach and alt-rock calamity. While this ignores genres and song structures, Rich’s storytelling is more focused, weaving in his addiction recovery process, integration into the Philadelphia music community, and acceptance of worthy love. It’s a deeply personal journey where mortality and maturity are permanently linked, and the latest entry in a band of close friends attempting to find peace in their own sound.

Moses Mosima

Hailing from the city of brotherly love; singer/songwriter/producer Moses Mosima has spent the last decade cultivating a sound that embodies the beauty and eclecticism of the city that raised him. Moses first began making music at 13, finding a fierce passion for songwriting and production at a young age. He went on to co-found the highest basement collective; spending a number of years finding, refining, and growing himself as an artist as well as HBC the brand. After graduating high school he briefly attended St John's University in Queens New York as an attempt to make a name for himself before dropping out his sophomore year to pursue music full time. With a laptop from the school, a $100 mic and inspiration from new and old greats alike Moses recorded the landmark "Babies" album in his parent's basement. The album has since gone on to be featured on platforms such as MTV, Elevator and Earmilk as well as amassing collectively over a million streams online. With the help of the viral single "Majiin Boo" Moses has been building a loyal international and local following since the release of his debut album in 2016. He is currently working on the follow up to "Babies" as well as releasing numerous singles, touring, directing music videos and various writing and production works for a number of high profile artists. Taking cues from "do it all" artists like Prince and Stevie Wonder; Moses' music harkens back to a timeless level of musicianship that is sorely missed. With a fresh sound and a classic appeal, Moses Mosima is working to cement himself as one of the most influential artists of our time.

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