What if Americana actually encompassed ALL of North America? You'd have the Franco Acadian inflections of Canada, as best exemplified by the accordion, blues and jazz, the only truly indigenous music the US has ever produced, and the lilting grace and fiery passion of the music of Mexico. You'd also have New Orleans' premiere distillers of this continental musical melange, The Iguanas, and their new album Juarez.

Taking their cues from all of the above influences and then some, Juarez, the band's first studio album since 2012's Sin to Sin, redefines the notion of Americana, crossing cultures, styles, eras...and even languages. It's as if Rue Bourbon, Muscle Shoals and Plaza México were all within earshot of each other and The Iguanas were the musical conduit between them. Based out of New Orleans for the past couple of decades save for a short, Katrina imposed exile in Austin the members of the Iguanas have (collectively or individually) played or recorded with everyone from Charlie Rich, Alex Chilton, and Willie DeVille to Emmylou Harris, Allen Toussaint, and Pretty Lights.

Their two decade ride has taken them all over the map musically and geographically, yet the inescapable patina of their hometown infuses every note they play. Through eight studio albums, countless tours and Jazz Fest appearances, and a flood that did its best to take their adopted city with it, it's a testament to the band's endurance that the same four guys that started playing in the early 1990s are still together.

Joe Cabral is philosophical about the band's persistence in the face of challenges that would have felled indeed have felled lesser bands. 'First of all, this is all we know how to do; we're musicians. But more than that, he continues, 'we respect the power of the band as an entity, and each individual in the band steps up to play his part. When it's good, that's really what it's all about.

Rod Hodges agrees. 'I don't want to get all heady and mystical about this, but it's not really an outward reward we're looking for. We all enjoy playing music, we all get along, and finding a group of people who can say that after all this time is a rare thing.

Rhodes Tavern Troubadours

The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours played their first show on February 5th, 2001 and have
since been hailed as a "Washington DC Super Group". All four members sing & write their
original material.
Jake Flack - Guitar. Born in DC, fronted the popular band THE NEPTUNES while
living in DC, then Austin & then New Orleans. He also currently leads one of New
Orleans' premier rock bands $1000 CAR. He has also played in THE GOMEGAS,
THE THANGS, THE CAPITOL HILLBILLIES and countless side projects.
Jack O'Dell - Drums. Born in San Francisco, played with COMMANDER CODY & THE
MONSTERS, & played for 15 years with BILL KIRCHEN & TOO MUCH FUN.
Mark Noone - Bass guitar. Born in DC, lead singer of the legendary SLICKEE BOYS since
1978. He also played bass guitar in RUTHIE & THE WRANGLERS & currently fronts THE
HULA MONSTERS and plays the upright bass with DC area bluegrass stalwarts RED TOAD
ROAD, and countless other side projects. He is also an international recording
Arif Durrani – Keys. Montgomery county native, Played for years with JR CLINE
AND THE RECLINERS, also currently playing with ROADDOG, KING SOUL, and the
The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours is a blend of the Metro area's best musicians in one
band, dedicated to propagating the DC pop/rock sound that was dominating the
Washington area scene in the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s. After playing many, many shows in and
around the DC area the boys have really honed their sound into the perfect DC-centric DC
roots rock band.
"These guys can whip through a Ray Price tune, a Chuck Berry number, a stompin'soul
number or a pure-pop-for-now-people original gem in the same set without grinding any
- The Washington Post
The Rhodes Tavern Troubadours debut CD "On The Red Line" has been widely
accepted & is getting attention regionally, & even in Europe!
"They range from Chuck Berry-flavored rock to spaghetti western atmospherics, and the
luxury of having three singers (Flack, Noone, and O'Dell) and four tunesmiths helps keep
things interesting." - The Washington Post



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