Happy Lemmy, The Warsaw Clinic, Groove Moose

ROCK from Birmingham AL

Formed in 2006. Worn out vinyl selections of "Who's Next", "Moving Pictures", "Dream Police", and "Zen Arcade". And that's pretty much what we sound like.

There have been many highs and lows in the 12 year saga of Happy Lemmy. Regardless, the musical and friendship bonds among band members have remained increasingly strong. With a 'collective effort' method of song writing, the style and emotion of each band member has a significant presence in every song. Heavily influenced by 70's progressive rock and British blues rock bands. Happy Lemmy's music is raw and edgy with melodic vocals and metaphorical lyric content.

Joel Smith - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Michael Callahan - Bass Guitars & Vocals
Eric Fulgham - Drums & Destruction

The Warsaw Clinic

Rock n' Roll from Atlanta GA

The Warsaw Clinic is a three piece heavy blues band from Atlanta with an unwavering appetite for playing top notch rock n' roll to the people.

Funky-Progressive-Rock&Roll-Blues-Jazz from Atlanta GA

$6.00 - $8.00


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