Contest Williams, Max Ox, Maddie Ross

Contest Williams

Jacob Mann - synth
Corbin Jones - bass
Ryan McDiarmid - drums

- 24-years-old
- California native, currently in LA
- why is asking women to smile more a thing?
- why is dudes singing badly but writing their name in all caps a thing
- yes to all cheeseburgers
- no thank you to metaphors about boomerangs and tidal waves and being haunted
- yes to anything Jenny Lewis, Courtney Barnett, Gwen Stefani, Amy Poehler
- always dying for a new favorite band
-WILL ask to hold your baby
- cries at all commercials and most good music
- hobbies: taking photos, making moscow mules and pasta for friends, reading non-fiction about anthropology and work ethic, and making myself furious reading comments on trending news articles
- will always keep talking and can't tell a story without using my hands
- started doing yoga as a new years resolution; can't touch my toes but overall very much enjoy it
- music by me, my girlfriend and our dog



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