Led LO/CO was formed in 1971 by Sydney, Australian session drummer Waldo Smileton, AKA Drum Rock, along with three other musicians: Preston Smalley (bass), Ivernall Peters (guitar and vocals) and Smithers Smithey (degiridoo). Deriving their name from an AU TIME Magazine article about Quartz watches (Drum proclaimed LED lights “crazy”), Led LO/CO played their first gigs in garages, basements, bathrooms, sit-ins, insurance seminars, busses…wherever there was space for four blokes. By 1972, after numerous (19) musical differences and lineup changes, Drum soon found himself the lone original memeber of the group. Now extensively touring the decadent outback circuit was Drum, along with new members (and quite luckily nomered) Reginald Rock (guitar and vocals), Nigelton Rock (guitar and vocals), and Ian Rock (bass and vocals). This line-up formed a strong following these years amongst tribesmen, crocodile hunters and buxom mothers of four. By 1978 the band was regularly packing arenas and small clubs. Unfortunately, after years of dizzy spells, drug ODs, embarrassing sexual encounters,other European hard rock acts stealing their material, spilled beverages, broken strings, fans slipping on spilled beverages and suing the band for millions of dollars and winning, and one too many times being stuck playing four-hour shows while having to urinate, 1985 brought to a close the simultaneously growing and dying behemoth that was Led LO/CO MK 1.

With the LO/CO writhing in nuclearic flame, Drum went off to London, UK to pursue his interests in Electroreaganomica. Reg moved into a log cabin in the Andes mountains with a red-haired Eskimo lass he’d met while touring through Alaska. Nigel remained in Sydney doing random studio session work for bands that couldn’t finish their solos. Ian found himself in Ohio, USA peddling storage space. Times had changed.

Yet, the more things change the more they stay the same, as the old Bill Rogers quote goes, and so…years after the Grunge Wars, the Flase-Metal revival, and the brief second coming of Duran Duran in early 1993, Led LO/CO arrived again without warning to the public or themselves. It happened in a small bar on the outskirts of Winooski, VT, circa 1999…between a local artist’s admittedly dismal set of mope-rock wandering, club custodian Nigel Rock sauntered onstage broom-in-tow to sweep up the mess of guitar picks, broken bottles and tears. Reginald Rock stepped up to claim his stolen guitar cords (which he’d been doing at every show he’d been to since 1988) from numerous Holiday Inn gigs he’s had until 1986 (when he was let go for lack of “equipment). Ian Rock was trying to purchase a Visa to legally enable his pressing street-performing persona without realizing he was in a New England nightclub. Drum Rock just happened to be in the neighborhood looking for a spot to sit his drunken arse, the nearest place being the prominent drumstool onstage.

Seven sad drunken eyes met for the first time in what is known as eons, and within seconds or minutes true rock burst through its smoldering ashes like a phoenix to a flame. All corners of the respective Earth cocked their heads to the sudden shift int the hemishpere and once again, the entity of Led LO/CO was pulling the planet’s axis to its utterly blissful rock and roll demise.

“That what don’t kill us makes us stronger.” So goes the famous quote by the Will Rogers Institute, so goes the rules and mythos of Led LO/CO: the planet Earth could not destroy them, so, now, they are wicked bloody fucking strong!!!

Bow to the will of the LO/CO! Sense the LO/CO’s supremacy to your pathetic being!! Slave to the LO/CO and perhaps your ungainly death will be of ROCK and not of ROLL!!!!!!!!



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