Duncan Reid And The Big Heads

Duncan Reid And The Big Heads

There are only two people in the entire world who can claim to have played with the Ramones while not actually being tagged with the ‘Ramone’ nom-de-plume. Duncan Reid is one of those people.

As singer and bass player of Joey Ramone’s favourite band, The Boys, Duncan rode on the crest of a wave during punk’s original late-1970s heyday as part of a wider collective of friends and peers that included Sex Pistols, The Clash, Generation X and a host of other power-chord pioneers. The Boys remain one of the best-loved and influential bands of their generation.

Montevideo, from the Big Heads’ debut album Little Big Head, earned Duncan the keys to the Uruguayan capital (the only other musicians to achieve this being Elton John and Paul McCartney).

Following a cornucopia of stellar reviews for 1st album Little Big Head, The Big Heads developed their unique, effortlessly entertaining, melodic brand of harmony laden pop punk with: “The Difficult Second Album”.

This May sees the release of their third album “Bombs Away”. Fourteen catchy little ditties about life, death, paranoia and Viagra.

2017 sees the Big Heads touring eternally in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Germany including festival dates at Rebellion, and Undercover.

Dust Hat

A rock 'n' roll affront for modern times.
'The men don't know, and the little girls don't understand either.' Dust Hat is a New Haven rock 'n' roll party attack featuring Brendan Toller on vox/guitar, Sagittarius Moon Goddess Robin Woerner on vox, herpatologist Jeff Slocum on lead guitar, Dan Soto (of Dan Soto & the High Doses) on thunderstick, and the one and only Rob Ruby on the beat of the traps. Think Peewee Herman's version of the MC5. Drag optional, dancing required.



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