San Bernardino, California is known for it's high crime and poverty rate. Behind that lies a hidden gem, something ambitious, seeking to break out from all of that. Meet Manuel Joseph Walker, a 19-year old from the slums of a broken city, crafting indie-rock instant classics out of his bedroom. Walker paints his own world with Foliage, writing all of the music, playing all of the instruments, singing all of the vocals, and engineering his records, all by himself. Foliage began at the age of 16, when Manuel was still a sophomore in high school. 19 now, though still very young, Walker has grown a lot throughout the years and it is quite apparent through his work. With two records under his belt, Truths (2015) and Silence (2017), and a third record on the way, Foliage is set to be one of the hardest working musicians in indie-rock today.

Ruby Haunt

Childhood friends, Ruby Haunt (fka Haunt) is an american musical project conceived by Wyatt Ininns and Victor Pakpour sometime in 2015. The duo wrote their first three EPs while in school via opposite ends of the west coast (Los Angeles and Portland), exchanging musical ideas over email. In this time they received support from Nowness, Track + Field Records, C-Heads Magazine, and various tastemaking YouTube channels for their unique songwriting and self-produced music videos.

In 2016 the boys saw a move to L.A. where they wrote their debut LP ‘Sugar’, their first written together in a small ocean front house in Laguna Beach, California. ‘Sugar’ was self-released in October 2016, featuring collaborations with the renowned photographer Henrik Purienne, and film duo Wissa for their Roberto Cavali campaign in Vogue Italia.

2018 sees the duo busy at work on their next album and a live show that will tour towards the end of the year.


Nacho Cano was born in Mexico City, and now resides in Los Angeles. The 25-year-old songwriter/producer has released musical projects under the name Twin Cabins, Canito and, currently, Harmless. Immigrating to San Diego at ten years old, Cano used hip hop to expand the little English he spoke.

"Twin Cabins was done from my college dorm bedroom in an effort to make the music that I liked as well as a way to tell one of my crushes I liked them," say Cano. Canito is an extension of Cano's impeccable production work, "Sampling hip hop heavily influenced my process and how I make music. Canito is a reflection of that. It's an exercise that allows me to be a part of a genre that helped me feel American." Harmless is a colorful mix of emotions woven seamlessly with bright electronic synths, smooth vocals and the occasional playful saxophone. “Harmless translates the hopeless love I know from Mexico. Songs about impossible love, boleros in English.”

Together, Cano has earned accolades from Rolling Stone Mexico, Prefix, Noisey, Wonderland Magazine, coolhunting, NTS and garnered a cult following with well over 1M streams. Watch for new music by Harmless in 2018.

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