Nathan Owen, Brenda Carsey and the Awe, Two Lips, Zanya

Nathan Owen

Nathan Owen, former frontman and songwriter of the band Owenstone, decided he needed to find and reform a new sound, blending big vocals, evocative lyrics, vintage and modern synths, and live instruments, a sound that aims to make the listener dance, think and feel something a little different. From dark and contemplative, to whimsical and playful, or just plain wild and sexy, each song paints a different texture and mood and scene to explore.

With Owenstone, Nathan toured the West coast, as well as New Orleans, SXSW and the Desert Daze Festival. With half of his career spent in the film industry as an actor and set designer, he never shy'd away from directing his own music videos which sometimes took months of preparation. His songs can be heard in various films and productions, which included Netflix and MTV, and he never gets tired of hearing from fans that continue to discover his music all over the world.

Brenda Carsey and the Awe

Brenda Carsey delivers an engaging, energetic show, seamlessly mixing a unique blend of Alternative Soul, R&B, Progressive Rock, and Trip Hop. Carsey has an unmistakable sound that is modern and unique while some how simultaneously a retro call to music from the 1950's, the late 1960's/early 1970's, and the 1990's. She performs both solo and as a full band under the name "Brenda Carsey & the Awe". As a band, the group is led by songstress and keyboardist Brenda Carsey and grooved out by the Awe-some rhythm section featuring Matt Brundrett on drums and a rotating line-up of phenomenal musicians. Carsey’s Voice is, in a word, uninhibited, mixing a syrupy sweet sound with a beautiful darkness and a vocal range with a potential of virtuosity. This Los Angeles, CA based artist has played at heavy hitting music festival Lightning in a Bottle (2017), Feed LA Festival (2016), and Echo Park Rising Festival (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)! Carsey has toured the entire Western US from San Diego to Seattle, to Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and also Nashville and New York. She has grooved and swooned on the stages of The Hotel Cafe (main stage, with her sold-out album release show in July 2017), The Teragram Ballroom, Harvard & Stone (featured resident artist for the month of November 2017), Good Times at Davey Wayne's, The Federal Bar, and The Lost Knight (to name a few). She will stop you in your tracks with poetic lyrics, fluid melodies, engaging chords progressions, funky rhythms, and a voice filled with passion and soul. Carsey's first full-length studio album Solitary Refinement dropped July 16th 2017. The album features the Awe and was engineered and co-produced by Brian Frederick of Hybrid Studios and Stacks FX, who has worked with names like DJ Quik, Whiz Khalifa, Isabella Summers (the Machine of Florence + the Machine), and the Backstreet Boys on their 20th anniversary record.

TwoLips is an alternative R&B group, fronted by singer/dancer/songwriter Kianah Jay and produced by Josh Reinhardt. With influences like Sade, Erykah Badu, Santana, Bad Rabbits, and Arrested Development, TwoLips brings together old and new sounds to create nostalgia while cultivating wonder about a savory tomorrow. Following the release of their debut EP Yellow Gold in August of 2017, TwoLips has brought their delicious sound to prominent venues, blogs, playlists, and radio stations around Los Angeles.

Up and coming artist Zanya is a true embodiment of her surroundings. Her life as a musician began as a child, but flourished during her time as a music therapist at a hospital in San Diego. As a music therapist, she learned about the mental and physiological effects of music, and harnessed a set of skills to heal, inspire, and connect with patients of all ages.

Zanya wrote her entire forthcoming EP on an upright piano while working at this hospital. Influenced by a love for her senior patients and compelled to appeal to a broad audience, this record pulls influences from a very colorful spectrum of music - from 1930's ragtime to the vibrant wave of early 1980's avant funk. The first single from this EP, “Aphrodite”, is a dynamic, blooming soundscape, reminiscent of The Doors and George Clinton. This song strives to deliver a deep narrative about the intersection of personal and religious identity, and challenges us to self-question. Zanya sings, plays synth, guitar, and bass on this track, as well as engineered her entire EP.

Although this D.I.Y. M.O. is a core value of Zanya’s artistry, collaborating with her live band is where she experiences the most growth as a songwriter. Zanya and her bandmates push each other to make music that draws on all their eclectic fascinations. The result is a unique body of work with a common thread of multi-generational ambiguity that entices, charms, and on occasion, stuns audiences.


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