East Meets West Music Fest (August 18th & 19th)


Darkwave Girls Unit Tokyo,Japan.

Abigail Williams

Extreme Death/Black Metal band from Phoenix, AZ (USA)
Founded 2004 by Sorceron, Ashley Ellyllon
2006 signed a Deal with Candlelight Records
In spring 2007 disbanded, January 2008 reunited.

The band name was taken by a girl with same name from the 17th Century.
Abigail Williams was one of the original and foremost accusers in the Salem witch trials of 1692. Williams was eleven years old at the time and living with her "uncle" Samuel Parris in Salem Village.
The trials ended with the deaths of 19 innocent people.
There is no definite evidence of what happened to Williams after the trials ended.

$40.00 - $70.00


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