Immortal Bird, Pyrrhon, Glacial Tomb, Floods

You wear your shield of crust, face creased with years of rust.

Debut EP, 'Akrasia', coming December 3, 2013.

Rae Amitay (Thrawsunblat) wanted a band of her own where she could step out from behind the kit and write some riffs, pen some lyrics, and scream some shit. With those dreams in tow, she enlisted the help of her best pal Evan Berry (Wilderun, Replacire) on guitar. They wrote a bunch of material. Then they rounded out their trio with John Picillo on bass (Without Waves) to lay down the low end. With Rae opting to handle the mic onstage (while tackling drums and vocals on their albums), she asked Garry Naples (Novembers Doom, Kastasyde, Without Waves) to take on live drumming duties. And so, with personnel set in place, the band crafted four visceral, heavy, and sometimes disgusting tracks for their debut EP, 'Akrasia' -- recorded at Lo-Tech Laboratories by Jeff Ziolo, mixed by Kurt Ballou, and mastered by Brad Boatright. Coming December 2013.

Continuing to shapeshift and unravel, while using unorthodox songwriting techniques that border on the incomprehensible, avant-garde extreme metal quartet PYRRHON return with What Passes For Survival. Dense, volatile, and drenched in manic ferocity, What Passes For Survival is an aural challenge that refuses to adhere to genre conventions, merging strategic orchestrated bursts of death metal chaos with expanses of unhinged improvisation. The latest stage of PYRRHON’s metamorphosis is one that demands repeated audio submersion from the listener, and satisfies those craving sonic extremity that pushes limits.

Glacial Tomb

Black/Death Metal act from Denver. Members of Khemmis, Abigail Williams, and Cult of the Lost Cause.


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