The Reefriders

the Reefriders - a California based three-piece instrumental guitar band serving up quite a collection of surf music including hits from the classic early 60s surf bands to the red hot scorching sounds of Dick's a joy ride through time with wild music as popularized in the movie Pulp Fiction.....where music is fun and "really cool".

Hayley and The Crushers

You went to the beach to get a tan but were rudely interrupted by a gaggle of leather-clad beasts feasting on beer and ho-hos under the pier.

The San Luis Obispo, CA trio's debut full length "Jewel Case" has been applauded by underground tastemakers at Razorcake and Pork magazine for its "new oldies sound" reminiscent of the Go Gos, drive-in movies, and teenage hijinx.

According to Melted Magazine, the trio's syrupy garage-tinged punk rock is "like glue stuck to the bottom of your combat boot," and front woman/guitarist Hayley Crusher has been likened to Gidget with a guitar.

With Rock n Roll High School blaring on the boom box and warm soda pop pumping through their veins, Hayley and the Crushers is pure poolside glitter trash from California's Crusherverse.

Spring full length COOL LAME is slated for release Spring 2018.

Hayley and the Crushers are:
Hayley Crusher Cain - Guitar, Vox
Dr. Crusher (Reid Cain) - Bass, Vox
Gabriel Crusher (Gabriel Olivarria) Drums, Vox


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