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Tolliver is a soul singer born and raised in the Midwest, cornfed and churchified. He’s spent years playing in Stax-inspired boozy bar bands, including Black Diet, an act that won best new bands honors from a slew of Minneapolis publications and filmed a nationally syndicated PBS special at the end of 2014.

His first solo EP, Quartertone, was written and recorded with Chilean producer Lister Rossell, an acclaimed beatsmith and sound designer who’s worked with singers from London to South Africa. The EP was a blistering indictment of American greed, Tolliver’s attempt at a modern What’s Going On?

Tolliver packed up for Los Angeles just after that release in hopes of escaping the crippling cold and making his best record yet. He got his wish in the form of Rave Deep, an EP about years spent depressed and high, self-exiled from family and desperate for love.

Elephant and Castle, who produced and co-wrote the EP, is signed to Plug Research, and has worked with Tune-Yards, dd_elle, Naytronix, and a host of other genre-bending, pocket-stretching r&b influenced acts.


"Eddington Again describes himself as "African American Indigo here to transcend the mundane". As versatile as they are forward their sonic style ranges from classic soul and r&b bops to experimental pop ballads. He invites you to experience the 'middle rhythm' with their latest project Sweet, a four track EP out now on NEWBODY RECORDS."

O Future

Sounds like: tame impala x prince x jimi hendrix
(chill wave indie pop infused with serious guitar shredding)
Los Angeles is the kind of place where you can meet anyone at anytime. Knox White learned this when he moved there as an aspiring musician and began bartending. Lionel Ritchie was a
regular he often served and felt almost like an uncle, giving advice and sharing stories about being on the road. The line that really struck a chord? Ritchie told him: “Don’t sell your soul to the devil to get success in the music business. Stay humble and treat everyone like they are your friend.”

Another night, Paul McCartney walked in and Knox had the unbelievable luck of hearing stories about The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. McCartney said The Beatles helped Hendrix, who was
unknown in North America at the time, secure a slot at Monterey Pop Festival. As history goes, his performance was legendary and word spread like fire. McCartney said a musician with an incredible live show is a musician with super powers. He imparted this final advice to Knox: “Get amazing live first and everything else will fall into place.” Los Angeles is also the kind of place where an artist can easily become discouraged, uninspired and stagnant. After feeling creatively stuck for awhile, Knox packed up his car and drove non-stop to New Orleans. Though he had never been there, something about the city called him. This is an unsurprising choice considering New Orleans is arguably the most important city in the history of music in the United States, dating back pre Civil War. In the 1800s, New Orleans was the only city that allowed slaves to own musical instruments and designated a park for hundreds to gather on Sundays to keep alive their native traditions of song and dance. It is often said that these now famous musical celebrations lead to the birth of jazz and the true spirit of the city that lives on today.
When Knox arrived in New Orleans, he immediately was hired to play guitar at a church called “Household of Faith” with some of the best veteran musicians in the city. They took him under their wing and introduced him to many more musicians and many more gigs. Knox played at clubs across the city until the wee hours of the morning, mastering everything from gospel, blues, calypso and jazz to more modern cover songs. This was an exhausting but inspiring livelihood and soon Knox was ready to begin writing again. Taking his knowledge of everything from gospel to jazz and his love of Prince, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and more recent artists like Tame Impala, Knox returned to Los Angeles full of ideas.

He moved into an apartment he could turn into a studio and began collaborating and touring with producer Josh Legg aka Goldroom. Tapping into the inspiration from those late night talks while bartending, even later nights in New Orleans, and his obsession with 80s music, he began writing and producing his own throwback style of chill wave pop infused (with some serious guitar shredding). In July 2018, Knox White will debut his (self titled) EP starting with
the single “You’ve Been My Girl” and has begun plotting an undeniable live show per Sir Paul McCartney’s advice.

Thed Jewel – A rapper from Los Angeles. Only makes music to tell the story he has lived, the only truth he know. You will learn that he is black, gay, handicapped and has lived as such. He does like jokes and fun so, those are included. His roundabout way of storytelling is like hugging the pain with his double meaning lyrics. There is a lot of, “did he say that ?” when listening to his music. The answer is always yes he did say that. And if you think he is talking about you, he is. Truth hurts now, lies hurt later.


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